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67 dias luego para El Payaso Naranjo...

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Si, there is only 67 days left for the campaign of MIERDAS, of The Orange Clown...Donaldo Trumpez!!!

The buffoon is playing EVERY side possible, which will lead to disenfranchising every American voter with the exception of Roger Ailes, Rudy Giuiani, Ann Coulter, and David Duke...


Trump has become a political contortionist comparable to a putrid orange pretzel. He could've won a Gold Medal in gymnastics the way he's twisted his words and false promises SO many times! His too late in the game, failed/embarassing 'appeals' to blacks and latinos are nothing more than the most INSINCERE outreach EVER attempted by an American politician. Blacks and Latinos are not going to contract sudden mass amnesia and forget his scores of insults and dogwhistles of the past year plus. He is dreaming in a very special, very disturbed tiny corner of his Trumpian brain, where no man has ever gone before...


His wall is a phony joke, his roundups of undocumented Mexicans will never occur. This man is such a bad liar, his uncomfortableness with reality, is now coming out of his orange skin, and fuming out of his bizarrely green tinted wig. His false race-baiting proposals cannot ever be paid for. He remains a laughing stock to the world. He's not presidential, he's not a powerhouse of diplomacy, all he is, IS un grande payaso naranjo, and he is full of orange mierdas...


Bring on the debates baby!!

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Your Spanish is off.

Le quedan 67 días al payaso anaranjado. is what you mean

You could also say Alpayaso anaranjado le quedan sesenta y siete días.

The orange clown has 67 days left.


la naranja~ the orange fruit

el naranjo ~ the orange tree

anaranjado/ -a/-os/-as ~ the color orange (adjective)

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Donaid Trump es un pinche cabrón. (eres~ you are; es ~ he is)

gran and pinche are rarely used together,. because pinche (lit. cabin boy) means insignificant.

gran cabrón is a big bastard. pinche cabrón is a useless little bastard.

Trump es un gran hijo de su requetechingada madre.

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