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How Long Will Øbama's Legacy Last?

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For several generations.


He shit all up in our government.


It will take a while to negate his evil doing a.k.a. "fundamental transforming" of America.


His goal was and is to steer us toward a Progressive/Socialist/Communist/Islamist society and he shat in every room of our metaphorical house.


Cloward-Piven is no joke.


Father Pfleger and Barack Obama single handedly and personally (with help from ACORN) planted the seeds for the 2008 economic meltdown by strong arming mortgage lenders in the 1990's into making risky loans to inner city aspiring home buyers in Chicago.


Saul Alynski radicalism is no joke.


Unrepentant domestic terrorist friend of BHO, Bill Ayers, who is poisoning young "mush for brains" school children with subtly radical indoctrination in school curriculae is no joke.

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