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Did Bill Clinton Threaten Attorney General Lynch’s Life?


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Did Bill Clinton Threaten Attorney General Lynch’s Life?

The unprecedented meeting between former President Bill Clinton and sitting Attorney General Loretta Lynch, during a time when Clinton’s wife was under investigation by the FBI, is again making waves. And some are citing a new source as proof that coercion kept the Justice Department from indicting Hillary Clinton.

Two internet publications are citing a “Justice Department insider” as saying Lynch was threatened by the former president. It was after that meeting, the source alleges, that the decision was made not to pursue an indictment of the Democrat nominee for her mishandling of classified information via her private email server. If the allegations are true, it would be one more chapter to add to the book of corruption that is the Clinton political machine.

To be clear, these allegations are emerging from two internet publications citing as their source someone in the Department of Justice. This DoJ “deep throat” has not been corroborated by any other publication or verified by any other source.

“Loretta was sh*tting bricks after that meeting,” the source said. “Suddenly, we had a whole new strategy and things moved fast.”

The source was referring to what was couched as an impromptu meeting between Clinton and Lynch on an airport tarmac on a 100-plus degree day in Arizona earlier this summer. The official explanation for the meeting by both camps was they talked about “grandchildren.” This meeting, it is reported, lasted 30 minutes.

“I can’t believe people can’t see it for what it was—it’s so obvious and ridiculous,” the DoJ insider said. “It was just a f*cking mess in the Department. Everybody, including the FBI, did a U-turn


it was almost immediately after this meeting that FBI Director James Comey took to the podium to explain that Hillary Clinton did, indeed, meet the statutory standards for having broken the law regarding the mishandling of classified information. His decision not to recommend an indictment of the former secretary of state confounds most Americans and legal experts to this day.

The alleged DoJ source cited by the two internet publications wouldn’t be the first person affiliated with the federal government to call “shenanigans” on the Clinton-Lynch meeting.

Congressman John Mica (R-FL) of the House Governmental Oversight Committee also felt something just wasn’t right about the meeting when questioning FBI Director Comey. “My folks think there is something fishy about this,” Mica said. “I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but there are a lot of questions on how this came down.”

The meeting between Clinton and Lynch violated the Department of Justice ethics regulation against opening and willingly engaging in activities that could be seen as damaging to the Department or that would cast a shadow over an ongoing investigation, yet Lynch was subject to no rebuke or consequence.

It is not outside the realm of possibility that Bill Clinton reverted to the old smoky backroom, coercive mafia-style political tactics of his Arkansas and Oval Office days. There would be a lot at stake if Hillary Clinton were indicted, but like the snake-in-the-grass he is, Bill Clinton once again achieved “plausible deniability.”

The only thing missing was Bill biting his lip with the statement, “I did not have inappropriate communications with that woman, Loretta Lynch.”

Yadda, yadda, yadda.

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What do you think about the new allegation that Clinton threatened Lynch?


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i hope they recorded this shit ,,, these scum bag clintons need to go to jail

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