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FEDs Arrest Heroin Dealer Connected to 180 Overdoses

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Law enforcement have arrested a Cincinnati man believed to be the source of at least 12 heroin overdoses in Kentucky last week and may be linked to as many as 170 in his hometown.

DEA agents arrested Robert Shields on Friday for distributing fentanyl, a painkiller up to 50 times stronger than heroin. Other dealers are thought to have cut their batches of heroin with Shields’s fentanyl, leading to some 12 overdoses Kentucky. At least one of the overdoses was fatal. At the same time, nearby Cincinnati, where Shields was based, saw over 170 heroin overdoses during the week, an “unprecedented” spike that leveled off after his arrest, the AP reported.



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Any body know the source of most synthetic opioids ? The answer is China / so when considering which foreign country is responsible for American deaths due to opioid drugs, remember its no longer Mexican heroin in most cases , its Chinese made synthetic fentanyl.

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Good.. That stuff does not belong on the street.


Hope the guy is charged with manslaughter at least


I am anti-heroin BUT I think a dealer should never be charge with even manslaughter if someone ODs.


Pin the heroin laws on him / her BUT the OD victim made a choice.

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Do guys not understand that street level dealer are mostly PATHETIC dope sick drug users that may be idiots but aren't the genesis of the drug problem. Somebody with mailing address and a credit card is ordering fentanyl( synthetic heroin) and then cutting it into heroin and other opioids, to make more money . Its cheaper and more potent than heroin. Instead of building a wall on the southern border, how about using the customs enforcement agencies to actually stop drugs being mailed from from foreign countries.

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