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hillary evinces EXTREMELY POOR JUDGMENT on associates

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hillary's closest ass hole buddy is huma.

huma was an enabler for her ex politician and pervert weiner,


but huma is also an enabler for hillary to commit her crimes of:


Lying to the FBI,


Lying to a federal judge,


deleting email evidence


obstruction of justice,


taking bribes for access to power,


perverting the democratic national committee to

hillary's own campaign,


brazile is hillary's link to the moron black voters that hillary uses

and abuses and forgets after each election,


bill clinton is a convicted perjurer and a disgraced lawyer,


Let's face it folks, even all of you voting for hillary because she has

vagina just like you, hillary evinces EXTREMELY POOR JUDGMENT

in picking her associates

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What a stretch. Desperately trying to link Hillary to the perversion of Weiner, through an aid who happened to be his wife. But blind to the absolute immorality and danger of snake oil salesman, Trump.

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