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MLK niece endorces Trump,, Blacks are waking to dem lies !

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BREAKING: Trump Gets MAJOR Endorsement That’ll Have Hillary SHAKING With Rage

In an appearance on Fox Business Network, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave an endorsement to Donald Trump, saying she supported his plans for black communities and urban renewal.

Alveda King, the daughter of the civil rights leader’s only brother, A.D. King, added that “urban communities … are kind of overrun with Democrat leaders” and that hasn’t been a good thing for African-Americans.

“I listened very carefully to everything Mr. Trump has said in the last 72 hours or so and I fully agree with so many of the things that he’s saying,” Alveda King said during her Friday appearance. “He has taken a page from the book of my daddy, A. D. King, and my uncle Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., looking at the climate, people and really being concerned about what’s happening in every community across America.”

“I would like to see our black young men and women get out of jail, get back to work, and get back to school,” she continued. “It sounds very promising, the plan that Mr. Trump is presenting for the urban communities.

“Because right now, many of our urban communities that are kind of overrun with Democrat leaders, like mayors and all that kind of thing, there’s a lot of trouble in those cities. And I believe that whichever candidate who has the platform that can put America back to work, back to church, back to school, and make us healthy again, I believe that that’s an excellent platform.”



although Republican nominees usually get a low proportion of black voters, Trump has made a point to address certain policies to the African-American community, and it has paid off. He’s done well with black voters in polls, garnering up to 14 percent in some tracking polls.

Every endorsement from a black luminary infuriates the Democrats and Hillary, too, as they’re convinced that black voters should be the strict province of the left — no matter how little Democrats have done for African-Americans over the years.

With endorsements like Alveda King’s, that number could continue to grow — and spell doom for Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party


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One the one hand you have the oppressed rioter burning his neighbors shop down whining about the deficiencies of civilization ... w/ a stolen TV (from his neighbors shop) under his arm.


On the other, you have civilization (the MLK niece) lamenting the self destruction of the oppressed and pointing out the phony victimhood of the perps.





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I've seen Alveda King on Fox News...years ago.


She is a awesome speaker; to bad more Black people aren't like her.


Chicago Black Mob “Get the fuck off my block!” to Police


3 gunshots cracked the air close to where police were investigating a West Englewood shooting early Friday.


“Run, bitch, run!” a young shirtless man shouted as officers sprinted down an alley to check out the gunfire. Then, with mock concern, he added: “Hey, there’s somebody dead in the alley!” There was no one dead in the alley. Police suspected the shots were a prank by a group of young men who had been heckling them for about an hour at the scene of a shooting that wounded a 22-year-old man in the 7100 block of South Paulina Street about 12:50 a.m.


Standing in a line not far from the crime scene tape, they had been alternately threatening and teasing the officers.

“You a traitor! You a traitor! You bogus as hell!” one of them said early on, focusing on the only black officer nearby.

Some of the officers returned the taunts, telling them to get jobs and calling out to the block that the men were snitches. “You’ve been talking to me for a year, don’t play in front of your boys!” a sergeant teased. One officer grabbed his phone and held it out to face the crowd. “Hey, say it again,” he said. “This is going on YouTube.” They answered him with a chorus of “F--- the police!”

One young man darted under the rows of police tape that blocked off the intersection. An officer followed him onto 72nd Street with a Taser in hand. Several others followed. They caught him and held him against the wall of a brick house at the corner. “What you think the tape is for?” an officer asked him.

They cuffed him and put him in the back of a police car to cool down.

His friends crowded the tape. “What’s the charge?”

They again focused on the lone black officer. “Black lives matter,” one of young men said. “You a b----.”

Police later released the young man. The young men wandered around, backing away from the tape and then forward again, seeming to egg each other on. “I’m finna beat your ass,” the shirtless man told one of the officers. More police approached, Tasers drawn. The red sights of the Tasers showed on the man’s bare chest.

“Tase me! I’ll embarrass your ass!” he said. “Tase me! I’ll sue your ass!”


...The shirtless man smiled. “Y’all taking this seriously. We’re just playing.” The shots were fired shortly afterward. Police said they were probably just a prank, an attempt to get officers to leave the corner or to mess with their heads. No one was reported injured. Many of the young men, who had left the scene before the gunfire, wandered back. The shirtless man tested the tape and dared the officers again to use their Tasers. Red dots again appeared on his chest, and he put his hands up.

One young man dropped a pink cupcake across the police tape. “Eat it,” he dared the officers. He got on the ground, reached across the tape and picked it back up. He stood up and dropped it across the tape again. “Eat it,” he demanded. Slowly, the young men began to scatter and walk away from the police tape.

A stray cat wandered into the crime scene and began to eat the cupcake.




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*1. The one that hates black the most here wants blacks for the same reason trump does. Just votes. Funny stuff folks



Been calling blacks [African-American slur] for years. Now he is like vote for us.

Lol lmao.




Show us some Obama's sons.

So the very thing they are saying democrats do they are doing. Funny stuff.

...*1. ...is it me, or did you just impune the Democratic party?.....


Good job...

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Blue devil hates blacks also. But is doing what they say the democrats do. Just want their votes.


Says the Democrat National Socialist racist.







"I'm a paid Tampon for Hitlary Rotten Clinton

and the Democrat National Socialists.

Watch me try to stop her bleeding with Lies, Obfuscation, and Propaganda.


And you can't refute a Damn one of them,

because they are always innocuous link-less bullshit

that has no basis in fact or the truth."



dontknownothin must actually be a paid shill for Hitlary Rotten Clinton

and the Democrat National Socialist Committee.

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Anytime TURDZILLA uses the Conservstive Tribune you can be sure it's full of shit.

Last week he used a professor of medicine to PROVE Hillary is sick.

1. Professors are not doctors and no doctor would ever evaluate someone they haven't seen in person.

2. When Rutgers heard about this story they made a statement that no one by that name even works at their university.


Conservative Tribune is a a worthless lying propaganda piece that should be ignored.

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The one that hates black the most here wants blacks for the same reason trump does. Just votes. Funny stuff folks



Been calling blacks [African-American slur] for years. Now he is like vote for us.

Lol lmao.




Show us some Obama's sons.

So the very thing they are saying democrats do they are doing. Funny stuff.


No debate, just masturbate.


It must be Bush's fault.






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