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I think of the two political parties as being dead

like a dead poets society cliche


the way people speak about hope or home or direction

or infliction to be inflicted by discomfort that sticks and you

are powerless to do a damn thing about it


cliche we are all so much voting more or less

for nothing


It becomes a cliche to even vote and I know that sounds raw

or even cliche to say


But why shouldn't it. No question mark required.


Nothing changes much is a cliche. Nobody understands or even has a grasp of

civics these days is now a cliche.


The war on anything is a cliche. Ever see the movie Dog Day Afternoon,

there he is acting so cool, trying to do a bank job, how the heck did it turn

out to be like this. .


He wanted to help his friend, his so called lover make the transition.

Later he screams out, Attica Attica Attica


Sidney Lumet the director and Al Pacino the actor captured something

other than cliche


Here is a great question a citizen might ask in a town square-like presidential debate:


Do you understand at all what the word cliche means?



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