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A person with to much time on thier hands:

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People say that God is dead, but how can they think that if I show them the Devil? from the movie based on the book.


I want to buy The Exorcism of Anneliese Michel (a true story) for bookworm Lab Rat (my squeeze) and was looking at revues.


The person who wrote the below...must have to much time on his / her hands !

This is a super-interesting case (I was only aware of the basic details before reading this book and was looking for a more in-depth analysis), but wow, the subtitle here is a load of utter crock. This book has nothing at all to do with science. It's a highly distorting, religiously motivated, strongly biased, pseudo-scientific embarrassment. (I also did not realise before opening the book that it was actually published by a Catholic publisher and was littered with tacky ads for similar publications. Stay classy, Christiana-Verlag!).

The author takes Anneliese Michel's alleged demonic possession at face value and from the start her goal is obviously to prove the possession was real and discredit the opinions of the medical professionals involved. She accuses the "other side" of biased investigations more than once when she herself obviously made an assumption a priori and then did her best to prove it true, dismissing any evidence to the contrary; the opposite of an objective, scientific approach, in other words.

The result is pretty painful to read. There is interesting information in it, for sure, such as the excerpts from Anneliese's diary and quotes from the exorcism tapes, but it's all cluttered up with praise for the priests, defence of ultra-conservative Catholicism, and condescending rants against possible medical explanations (without ever being able to back up those rants with any substantial evidence - it's all projection and assumption).

I am not what you'd call a skeptic; I have no use for organised religion but I'm entirely open to the possibility of paranormal/supernatural phenomena. This method of investigation, though - presenting the literal demons and devils of the Catholic church at its most conservative as the gospel truth whilst ridiculing and dismissing the opinions of psychiatrists and epilepsy specialists, coddling and defending a bunch of superstitious lunatics who tortured a young girl with hour-long daily exorcisms over a period of TEN MONTHS and stood idly by while she self-injured and starved herself to death, reinforcing her delusions with medieval, magical-mystical-religious hogwash, and then blaming the doctors (that Anneliese hadn't even ever seen during that period leading up to her death) for said death... well, it gave me hives.

There's nothing in Anneliese's symptoms of possession that could not (and has not been) linked to her diagnosed epilepsy, depression, and a psychosis populated with hellfire and brimstone imagery from a super-restrictive Catholic upbringing. There wasn't a single utterance that her "demons" made that cannot be explained as an externalised manifestation of suppressed rebellion by a sick, frustrated and mentally troubled girl who could not cope with the rigorous expectations and pressure placed on her by her extremely religious family and value system. There were no opinions expressed by the demons that weren't either spoonfed to them by the exorcising priests or that couldn't have been warped expressions of Anneliese herself (I mean, these "demons" delivered messages from the Virgin Mary, spoke in Anneliese's own accent, never used a stronger swearword than "asshole" - despite being demons!! - and spewed the exorcising priest's own dogma on how the church needed to return to its more conservative roots, ffs!) There were no signs of weirder forces at work, like in other possession cases where a person speaks in languages they don't know or performs impossible physical feats. Her "voices" and vocalisations, while creepy and unsettling (I've listened to a few of the tapes on YouTube) were nothing that she herself wasn't capable of producing.

One thing that the book (unintentionally) does very well is establish just how strong the power of delusion can be, and that there can be no logic when you're up against toxic beliefs that run this deep. Like, how can you even argue with a group of people who is just utterly convinced that they have no personal responsibility and that everything in their lives is determined by demons and saints? There is no logical argument when the answer is always going to be "but god"/"but devils." I feel horrible for this young woman who badly needed help and, instead of getting more/better medical attention, got her illness repackaged as something that was more familiar and convenient for her and her priests and family to believe in, even at the cost of her life.

The behaviour of Anneliese's priests and parents may not have been driven by bad intentions, but they were absolutely guilty of letting her die when she could have been saved, and were rightly convicted in court. For this author to challenge that and claim "demons did it" as an actually scientifically defensible position is ludicrous and despicable.

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shitao...thank you for not shunning me BUT once again you are wrong.


I am a Catholic and as a young man (in Catholic school) I was taught...I was given a free will and to this day I still believe it.


People choose to sin and no one is making them BUT themselves.


Do you really believe that Allah commanded that guy to kill all those homosexuals out having a good time and that was his crutch ?


Or do you believe that his hatred took over his mind and he choose to kill.


Anyhow...anyone who sit there and type out a review that long is either driven by hate or has to much on his / her hands.

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Religion = bullshit when you stop fighting this reality your life will make more sense !


Why do ultraliberals not believe in...live and let live ?

Why are ultraliberals so obsessed ?

Why are ultraliberals so hypocritical ?

Why are ultraliberals such know-it-alls ?

Why are ultraliberals so out of thier minds ?

Why are ultraliberals so full of hate and rage ?

Why are ultraliberals so detached and in denial ?



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