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The Clinton Foundation: It's one of top rated Charities in the US

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The Truth About the Clinton Foundation: It’s One of the Top-Rated Charities in the US

No, it should not be shut down - that’s crazy
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We’re currently being barraged by media articles about the Clinton Foundation, many of them trying to make it seem as if there’s something illicit going on. Donald Trump and his campaign are pushing this line hard, of course, and USA Today published an editorialtoday actually calling for the Foundation to be shut down — for no real reason, just because it has an “odor.” An “odor” that is completely manufactured out of thin air.

The real truth about the Clinton Foundation is that it’s one of the top-rated charities in the US. 88% of their spending goes to their services, not to their staff, and they typically spend only $2.00 to raise every $100.00. This video clip from CNN shows the president of CharityWatch, Daniel Borochoff, explaining why they gave the Clinton Foundation an “A” rating.




Sorry cons...keep tryin'..lol


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Being top rated in the USA doesn't mean much as corruption is also top rated in the USA and among the Clintons.


How much is Hillary spending to distract voters from her reckless behavior? I say a billion $$$$$.


Good-bye 99% ..... Hillary will not be working for the 99%.

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