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The Ray Chronicles

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I really can't approve of some of the things Ray does, but he is without doubt a great man and a great American.


Ray stepped into the dark, cool interior of the Westside Theater, taking a seat on the aisle near the back. Soon, as is typical at the Westside, a revolting queer came mincing up the aisle. Ray obligingly bared his 11-inch meat.


"Ooooh Ray, ith tho BIG," the abnormal sex pervert squealed excitedly. Lemme thuck it off!"


"Outside in the alley," Ray murmured, arising and turning to the exit.


In the alley, as the slavering faggot fell to its knees to start gobbling hot jism, Ray balled up his fist and hammered the latrine lizard in the teeth with maximum force. "That's for humanity," Ray whispered. Then, stomping the filthy deviate in the lips, knees, hands and teenytiny flaccid reproductive organs, Ray added, "And that's for GOD!!"


Leaving the repugnant greasebutt bleeding and unconscious in the alley, Ray strolled to Dairy Queen for a Blizzard, Mega-Baconburger and Fries. "Mauling and smashing a dirty homo rodent always works up my appetite," he chuckled.



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