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Hillary = LIAR..Can't believe ANYTHING she, or her campaign, SAYS

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Trump is KKK? Yea RIGHT. It would be nice if she had ANY evidence to show it... other than HER opinions, and LIES !!


AND, WHAT the HELL is this "alt right"? Sounds like ANOTHER BOOGIE Man that Hillary and her cronies have hatched, out of the DEPTHS of their PARANOID IMAGINATIONS...


But BELIEVE IT? History has proven that THAT is a FOOLS Play !

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An innate ability to LIE, BRIBE, Pay OFF, use of POLITICAL POWER, THREATS, FEAR, and Bodily Injury... to skirt accountability and justice, SHOULD NOT be considered INNOCENCE !!


We are simply reverting to the politics of the Boss Tweed era, and we will all rue the day we DID NOT take action to END IT.


I'm not talking as a Dem, Rep, Indep,, Concervative, or Liberal... I'm speaking as an American...

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