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hillary and Trump go to LA

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Trump (and Obama) went to Louisiana to help the poor whites and

blacks who lost everything to the huge flooding. And a new ad

is out with Obama in 2008 talking about hillary doing anything and

saying anything for money just like when she was at the state department

and just like now where she will tell stupid women and stupid blacks

anything they want to hear just so hillary can get their votes.


And LO! hillary also went to LA (Los Angeles) to demand $33,000 from

each rich person in her "pay for access" at their parties and "fundraisers"

just like in her criminal state department schemes where she

commingled her supposedly "charitable" NON taxable income of 10% of

donations with her own 90% TAXABLE income from "charitable donations."


Al Capone went to prison for tax evasion, but not hillary who is protected

from prosecution by the corrupt FBI and corrupt attorney general and

corrupt congress and corrupt courts.

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hillary and republicans sent 50,000 US factories and 20,000,000 good paying

jobs out of this country with nafta and mfn status for communist china.


And hilldabitch wants TPP and no import taxes on crap from asia coming here

so she can continue fucking the American working man and woman and small

businessperson on main street, USA.

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