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tim allen tells story of sick thing bill clinton did to his wife

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Tim Allen Reveals Sick Thing That Happened the Night He & His Wife Met Bill Clinton

Friends, Americans, countrymen: Lend Bill Clinton your wives. Apparently, he likes his own so little he’s willing to give the ol’ look-see to any married woman, no matter who her husband may be — even if said husband is Tim Allen.

Just in case you needed a reminder that Bill Clinton is a satyriasis-stricken Viagra case that will go after almost anything with two legs, lipstick and appropriate genitalia (and in these more gender-fluid times, we don’t even know if that last caveat still holds), take this interview Allen did with Fox News back in January.

Allen and host Megyn Kelly were talking about Hillary Clinton’s rather legendary inability to do jokes and contrasting it with her husband, whose entire presidency was a joke.



“She doesn’t have a skill set for jokes,” Allen, one of Hollywood’s few open conservatives, told Kelly. “She’s just not … her husband, who I’ve met, and is actually kind of a neat guy, although he was eyeballing my wife the entire time we were talking … and he kept looking at me, but he kept doing (looks to side) ‘Heh, heh, how you doing?'”

Oh, Bill. You old rapscallion.


this becomes significantly less funny when you consider that this is a president who’s been credibly accused of rape and who the left is more than happy to cover up for.

After all, former Gawker site Wonkette recently wrote that even if Clinton had raped Juanita Broaddrick, that didn’t mean he still couldn’t be a feminist. The writer (who happened to be the site’s editor-in-chief and owner, just in case you’re wondering whether it was an aberration that somehow sneaked past an indifferent gatekeeper) also added that while it was probably rape, Clinton could have thought it was “dominant, alpha sex” and that your grandpa could have been a rapist so Clinton was in the clear.

No, I don’t get it either, and no, she didn’t phrase it any better than I did.

I remember back in 2008 when the prospect of Todd Palin being the “first dude” was greeted with scorn on the left. Palin — who, by the way, was simply married to the vice presidential nominee, not the top of the ticket — was derided for hunting, riding snowmobiles, and generally being the type of person who wouldn’t show up at Davos drinking civet coffee from a reusable ceramic Starbucks cup.

Bill Clinton objectifies women to such an extent that Lil’ Wayne is telling him to slow down. He’s continued to do so in spite of the fact that he’s embarrassing his wife every step of the way, flaunting the fact that theirs is a marriage of convenience.

Not that it matters to me — it makes my job easier and I don’t have particularly high opinions of either of them. But to liberals, it should matter, and the fact that it doesn’t proves how deep the hypocrisy runs.

H/T GOP the Daily Dose


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Tim Allen is an old con has-been.

LMAO!! They are talking about ol drug dealing Tim that is so fucked up on Colombian drugs he wouldn't know if someone slam dunked his wife on a restaurant table in front on him. He was caught selling more than 650 grams of cocaine, and 1/2 of it was up his nose.



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