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Sheriff joe feeling the heat

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You're not going to believe this. And you may have to read this a second time to allow it all to sink in.


A federal judge has just recommended the US Attorney's Office investigate Sheriff Joe Arpaio for possible criminal contempt. The judge made this decision just 10 days before his primary election!


Let me explain what is going on:


This decision by this judge stems from a "racial profiling" case brought against him by the ultra-liberal American Civil Liberties Union - or better known as the ACLU. You know them. They're the far-left group that makes a living off suing police departments for financial gain. They're also the ones who defend child molesters, cop killers and known terrorists such as Khalid Sheik Mohamed - the mastermind of 9/11 attacks!


This all started when Attorney General Eric Holder started an investigation on him right after Obama took office. The ACLU and the Obama's Justice Department have sued him repeatedly in court because of his unwavering position against illegal immigration, Obama's executive orders on amnesty and having an unsecured border where criminals and drugs flow across freely.


He was faced with a tough re-election battle before, but now the stakes just got higher. . . WAY HIGHER. In addition to campaigning for re-election hes now going to have to fight tooth and nail against this court action. That's why he needs your help, right away.


Barack Obama, his Justice Department and their far-left allies like the ACLU would love nothing better than to see him convicted of a crime.


But he wants to be clear: He has not been found guilty of anything. And to be even more clear: He is running for re-election for Sheriff.


Nothing - I repeat, nothing - will stop him from doing the job he was elected to do. And he will not be intimidated by anyone who seeks to silence him from speaking out against our federal government's failure to secure our border or enforce our immigration laws. But in order to continue to do his job he needs your immediate financial help right now.

Support Sheriff Joe!

>>> Donate $50 right now >>>


While this process unfolds, he is more determined now than ever to win this election. This whole case has been politicized from the very beginning and hes largely been quiet about it because he respects the process. But he can no longer sit by quietly while these left-wing elements use the courts in an effort to damage him politically.


There are two things I know for sure: He will never back down from a fight. He is going to do everything in his power to fight this case because he knows he has done nothing wrong. Hes confident, at the end of the day, he will be cleared of any wrongdoing.


Secondly, he knows he cannot win this election without your immediate support. The media is already having a field day with this. They're intentionally misleading the public about this case and making it sound as if hes going to jail! This could not be further from the truth. But they have a pre-determined narrative about him. They hate his guts because he stands up for the truth and for the Rule of Law.


As hes said before, this election just got a lot more difficult. Hes not going to sugar coat anything here. Without your help, these guys win.

Support Sheriff Joe!

>>> Donate $50 right now >>>


Hes going to have to re-double his efforts to win this race which means more TV ads, more mail, more signs, and more campaign appearances to get my message out to the voters that he is not backing down. He needs financial support from patriots like you to allow him to do that --will you donate $50 today to help?


He has always fought for the people of this country. He has dedicated his life to public service and law enforcement.


He knows he has asked you for your help before and you have delivered. He is now asking again because without your help, he is dead in the water. The only way he can compete with the millions of dollars in misleading, negative attacks ads that are sure to come his way, are to get his message directly to the voters. But that is going to mean the support of good citizens like you.


So please give whatever you can to his campaign today.


For our country











Anyone on the ground in Arizona that can shed light on how it is going?

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