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It speaks to the INTELLIGENCE of Democrats (or LACK thereof)

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It speaks to the INTELLIGENCE of Democrats (or LACK thereof), that IN SPITE of the REPEATED, and EGREGIOUS, and PROVABLE, and OBVIOUS LIES that Hillary Clinton has told... About Classified e-mails, about the Clinton Foundation, about Benghazi, about peddling influence as SOS, that LIBERAL DEMOCRATS STILL BELIEVE HER...


It is just Amazing that people can be THAT STUPID !!

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Yeah trump has changed every position and attacked and won the Republican primary then said he was joking. Being sarcastic. Feel like a fool yet?


He has adjusted a few things, but whole scale 'changed"?


Maybe YOU can enlighten me... WHAT has he COMPLETELY flip flopped on?


For instance, like Barak Obama:


1) Definition of marrage

2) Gays in the military


to name a few...

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Most of the tax base that pays the military and builds the military comes from blue states.

Red states don't pay taxes. They are all non tax payers. Period. Don't make enough to pay taxes.

The rich live in three cities. New York l.a and Chicago. Period.

The biggest population of rich people in the world live in a blue state California.

Most of the tax base of the country come from the rich in these three cities. Fact.


Doesn't really list ANY Trump lies?


Dose it?

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OH like the National Security abuses that Hillary created because of her use of an Unclassified server, was CAUGHT LYING a half dozen times, was CALLED a liar by the FBI Director ?


THAT was ANOTHER instance where she SHOULD have been indicted (there was more than enough proof), but because of POLITICAL pressure, she was allowed to go free... HOWEVER, the LIES are STILL around her NECK, like a MILLSTONE, and she will hear about them again, and again, and again !!



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