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NY Post: America for SALE under Hillary Clinton !!

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A series of articles by the post on Hillary Clinton's Corruption!!


New revelations show a NATION FOR SALE under Hillary Clinton


Majority of Clinton Foundation voters got “Special Access” to Hillary


The Only question left for Hillary is: WHAT ELSE are you hiding?


Hillary’s WORST Scandal is that she THINKS she’s “clean”…


Another e-mail dump… MORE PROOF of Clinton Inc. SLEAZE !!



NY Post, and probably Fox, are the ONLY Media organizations that are covering this... BUT THIS IS HUGE. I think as more people realize what is happening, and LOOK for the news... and REALIZE that 90% of the media are HIDING it, and PROTECTING Hillary... it will ONLY add to their dis trust of the "Main Stream" media, and will benefit those who ACTUALLY tell the truth !!

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More documents to be released!


The documents are reaching critical mass... Hillary can NO LONGER deny them... and if she does., People still remember SHE LIED about the MUCH less note worthy e-mail scandal (Using an unclassified server to send and receive State Secrets)...


This is Graft and Corruption, for HER benefit... and selling OUT America in the process...


WHEN this reaches the tipping point (and I think we are close), the media will abandon her (to save themselves), and SHE will CRASH and BURN !!


I DO NOT think this is going away !!

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