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Where's Hillary? Clinton off campaign trail as Trump seeks comebac

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She must be taking another nap, or hosting another $35k / plate fundraiser to line her pockets.


Hillary Clinton is riding a summer wave in the polls – yet the Democratic nominee has left the campaign trail in recent days to fundraise in America’s wealthiest enclaves, potentially giving rival Donald Trump the opening he needs as he works to regain his political footing.


While Trump was balancing his fundraising Tuesday with a public rally and a town hall in Texas, Clinton once again was courting donors. Her fundraiser at the Hollywood Hills home of movie stars Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel follows a weekend fundraising spree in Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard.

In the weeks following last month's Democratic National Convention, Clinton has made only a handful of public campaign stops -- and held one quasi-press conference.

Her most recent rally was almost a week ago, on Wednesday at a Cleveland high school, followed by a roundtable discussion the following day in New York with law enforcement officials.

Meanwhile, Trump has been essentially non-stop on the campaign trail, trying to re-ignite his White House bid and woo voters in battleground states like Florida, North Carolina and Virginia with his law-and-order message.

"Hillary Clinton is in hiding because she doesn't want to face voters or even the press,” Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller said Tuesday. “Her scandal-plagued time at the State Department was an ethical disaster, not to mention a failure by allowing the rise of radical Islamic terrorism. With a track record like that, you'd be in hiding too."

Proving once again that even her campaign knows that the less people see/hear from Hillary, the better she does in polls.


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