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Hillary UP TO HER EARS in "Pay for Play" Scandal...

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There is NO LONGER ANY DOUBT... the e-mails PROVE it !!


Hillary met with something like 160 people at the State Department, WHEN she was Secretary of STATE, who were not connected with the U.S. Government... OVER HALF were BIG (MULTI MILLION $$$$) DONORS to the Clinton Foundation...


What's more, there were Saudi Princes, and people from NUMEROUS foreign governments, and THEY were NOT ONLY given access to the U.S. Secretary od State... THAT VERY SAME Secretary of State (HILLARY CLINTON), granted NUMEROUS favors... changes/modifications of U.S. Policy, authorizations provided, and waivers GRANTED.


TRUMP got it ABSOLUTELY right ONCE AGAIN... "Crooked Hillary" is a COMPLETELY appropriate nickname for Hillary Clinton !!!

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Yes, but when 85 of 150 that you meet with contribute $100's of THOUSANDS, and even MILLIONS of $$$$ to the Clinton Foundation, THEN are given "meetings with the Secretary of State, ONLY TO THEN find out that the State Dept. provided FAVORS, of Various kinds, from which they OFTEN benefitted from and HARMED America in the process...


THAT is called Pay for Play... WHICH is a Conflict of Interest at BEST, and Corruption at WORST, and BOTH should disqualify her from being President...


As Sec. of State Hillary signed an agreement that she REVOVE herself from any "Conflicts of Interests"... and THAT is something she CLEARLY did not do... INSTEAD, she cooked up the "Personal Server" façade, so she could continue her CORRUPTION, and HIDE it from Americans...


SHE is a TOAD and NEEDS to be SQUASHED !!

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