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Ronald Reagan - The Bonzo Years


For those of us who lived (and paid attention) during the Reagan years, life was interesting. What would that wacky, happy guy say or do next? Would he embarrass the country by falling asleep at an international summit? Would he show us some more pie charts while increasing the national debt? Would he allow junk bond kings to destroy entire communities while downsizing fever ruined countless lives?


All this and more. Every day was a new experience, a new challenge to see just how much the American public would take. Of course, the answer (as provided by his next two successors) is: just about anything. Not to pick on the ol' Gipper, but the clips below are a matter of public record. Take a walk down memory lane and remind yourself of why future historians will look back on the Reagan Error and say: "Where was the rest of him?"


Some people may find the following funny, others may find it painful. As there's quite a bit of stuff here, please feel free to use the following links to jump to the year of your choice. Listed are just a couple of "highlights" from each year.

1981 The Reagan Cabinet is installed, but it's cracked

1982 Jobless in "South Succotash"; Marines die; AND deficit climbs

1983 "Nikolai Lenin" (?); Marines die; AND War in Grenada!

1984 No poverty, no hostages; AND any problems are "Carter's fault"

1985 $640 toilet seats; AND don't embarrass the Nazis!

1986 Stockman finks; Just Say No; AND Iran-gate

1987 More hostages; Ollie North; AND "we need McCarthy!"

1988 Bush bombs; "unavoidable accident"; AND heeerrre's Dan Quayle!

1989 Bye bye




At his seventh press conference, President Reagan:

· Claims there are "a million more working than there were in 1980," though statistics show that 100,000 fewer people are employed. (see 2/24/82)

· Contends his attempt to grant tax-exempt status to segregated schools was to correct "a procedure that we thought had no basis in law," though the Supreme Court had clearly upheld a ruling barring such exemptions a decade earlier.

· Claims he has received a letter from Pope John Paul II in which he "approves what we've done so far" regarding U.S. Sanctions against the USSR, though the sanctions were not mentioned in the papal message.

· Responds to a question about the 17% black unemployment rate by pointing out that "in this time of great unemployment," Sunday's paper had "24 full pages of ... employers looking for employees," though most of the jobs available - computer operator, or cellular immunologist - require special training, for which his administration has cut funds by over 30%.

· Misstates facts about California's abortion law and an Arizona program to aid the elderly (see 2/24/82)

· Responds to a question about private charity by observing, "I also happen to be someone who believes in tithing - the giving of a tenth," though his latest tax returns show charitable contributions amounting to 1.4%. (see 2/24/82)

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this was good..1985




The New York Times Magazine runs a cover story on "The Mind of the President", in which it is pointed out that though Reagan "likes to say...that he is a 'voracious reader' and 'history buff'...neither he nor his friends, when asked, could think of particular history books he had read or historians he liked." Says a White House aide, "You have to treat him as if you were the director and he was the actor, and you tell him what to say and what not to say, and only then does he say the right thing."



"He's just so programmed. We tried to tell him what was in the bill but he doesn't understand. Everyone, including Republicans, were just shaking their heads." - Rep. Mary Rose Oskar (D-OH) on President Reagan's reaction to the Gramm-Rudman-Hollings balanced budget bill.

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RWR and H.W.Bush both should've been impeached for Iran-Contra...


Ollie North's 'neat idea'.


War criminals the lot.


But remember how Reagan was warned not to keep those Marines in Lebanon, cause they were definetly in harms way? We know those 241 Marines were killed despite warnings to Reagan...


The Left did not villainize or severely condemn the idiot Reagan for his tragic blunder... But Benghazi happens, which was NOT HRC's fault, and for years the Right has devoted their lives to wrongly blaming her..

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