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FBI director, ATTY Gen, obummer are the three monkeys

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FBI director, ATTY Gen, obummer are the three monkeys:

hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil when the law applies to hillary

because they refuse to apply the law to hillary and indict her and

have her sit in a criminal court and listen to the evidence instead of

sitting on late night show and laughing about her crimes of:


obstruction of justice,


destroying evidence,


lying under oath to a federal judge and the FBI,


bribery and sale of access to power and abuse of power,


commingling non taxable income with her taxable income,


leaking classified, top secret documents by using an insecure

private server in a closet in a private home.

(BTW, a Navy reservist was indicted for this exact same crime

when he took home work on his private laptop).

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