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Why Losers Like Trump: The Anatomy of a Trump Supporter

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Trump is a filthy rich manwhore and that is something his supporter can never be. The average Trump supporter is an angry jealous loser who see Trump as their role model i.e. A rich angry loser. Like his base, Trump can't seem to get along with or respect women. Like his base, Trump is a chicken shit. Like his base, Trump is all mouth.


Give the average Trump supporter money and he too can be a manwhore. Sadly, for the Trumpdroids they will always be wage slave loser (the ones who are able to hold a job) while the rest like Goofboy live in their mother's basement, eat cheetos and jerk off to kiddie porn.




Trump supporters are losers and had it not been for Trump's father giving him millions, Trumps would just be another pathetic privileged playboy manwhore and to this end his supporters wish to aspire but they can't. Trump may be a turd, but he's King Turd and his supporter are nuggets and dingle berries in the toilet bowls and the assholes of life.


Trump supporters are terminally stupid, ignorant and uneducated. Trump even said he loves the uneducated.




It bears repeating. TRUMP SUPPORTERS ARE LOSERS! These losers love Trump because Trump blames their failures on everyone but them, their low IQs, lack of ambition and ignorance. The term that best describes a Trump voter is WHITE TRASH! They are trash!



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You are a prime example of why artists starve. Your contextually painted caricature doesn't sell the image people willing to learn self deception buy. Explains the decreasing middle class population between rulers of symbolic value and those renting the social identity conception to extinction of their own ancestry of the same species.

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