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But But But - - - It's Part of Sharia Law

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Two Rich Muslims Just Kept Their Slaves, Claiming It’s “Part Of Sharia Law”


Islam is the most vile, disgusting, racist, and dangerous religion this world has ever known. It calls for all nonbelievers to be murdered, homosexuals to be slaughtered, women to have absolutely no rights, and men to go to war for Allah.

Just to show you how “peaceful” this religion is, a Texas couple has been found guilty for holding two “servants” hostage and as slaves of Allah. They literally kept two people as slaves to fulfill Allah’s wishes. The situation was so disgusting, a Judge has banished them from the United States forever.

Hassan al-Homoud, 46, and his wife Zainab al-Hosani, 39, pleaded guilty to the crimes of holding a person against their will, and forced labor, otherwise known as SLAVERY. They tried to convince the judge that their actions were acceptable because their Prophet Muhammad, the creator of the religion of Islam, kept slaves of his own. Therefore, any punishment that they received would be Islamophobic.

The complaint states that the two women were living in squalor. There were no utensils, barely any food, no toilet paper, no television, no books, no linens, no furniture, and only a couple of blankets and pillows on the floor. They were treated like absolute slaves in he name of Allah.

Every single day the two women were brought over to al-Homoud’s home where they were beaten, starved, and worked like slaves for absolutely no pay. The only food they were allowed was from the leftovers he and his wife left, and their only form of a shower was the water hose outside.

When al-Homoud was not “using” his slaves, he “stored” them in a gigantic plastic box he created. The box was located in a corner of the garage and they were only allowed to come out when they were needed for work.

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Get a life, Jimbo, you raging hatemonger. Stop obsessing about a fraction of one percent of the Muslim population.

That's a link we all want to see. "Only a fraction of 1% of Muslims hold with Sharia Law.

*********************************************************************************** Oh well, onward: Blind Cancer Survivor Thrown Out of Shop over Guide Dog…

***************************************************************************Sweden: All 40 Sex Assault Culprits at Festival are 'Migrants'…

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