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Trump's demographic cul-de-sac...

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Donald Trump coming to the end of the road of his presidential dreams, is pulling out all the stops, in a futile attempt to deflect the hard realities. First hard reality... Demographically speaking Trump has already lost. The 23 certain BLUE win states for HRC will give her 323 electorals, plus Trump is losing EVERY swing state, and HRC might win some RED states on top of all that.


The desperate blatant lies about Hillary's poor health are completely bogus. False, cheap shots of a lyin' and dyin' campaign. Trumps surrogate/soulmate, old Rudy, proves to be more senile daily, still licking his thin-skinned wounds from 16 years ago when Hillary got to be Senator from New York, and he couldn't, cause of HIS HEALTH!! Hypocrites and liars are all thats left to defend the indefensible sociopath Trump...


All the emails, and Clinton Foundation controversies, contrary to the rightwingnuts desires, are not sticking. Trumps warped personality is much more real concern to American voters.


Trumps latest paid liars Conway and Bannon, cannot alter any of the previously mentioned realities...


They're attempt to have the most insincere idiot ever to enter politics, claim he has 'regret', is as transparent as his dead roadkill hairpeice. To say to African-Americans "what do you have to lose", is like a plantation owner telling his slaves to "just trust me folks, your massa will treat you alright"


Trump has decided not to go out with dignity, but instead to perpetuate more heinous lies daily.


His losing, racist, psychotic, violent, hate-filled, dishonest campaign will be a stain on American history for the ages...

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