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Rightwing Fraud Group Judicial Watch Sordid History Of Clinton Lies

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Back in the 1990s the political establishment made fun of Hillary Clinton for her comment that the press was missing the real story of “the vast right-wing conspiracy” that had been dogging her family throughout her husband’s presidency. Any mention of it provoked eye-rolls and knowing smirks among the cognoscenti, who were all absolutely sure that it was just more evidence of Clinton’s guilty conscience over something.

But she was right. And there was some real reporting on it even at the time although, as it was revealed, the Republicans would throw out another shiny object and the press pack would go running in the opposite direction like a herd of gazelles. So it was very difficult to get a handle on the whole story.


For instance, this 1999 article by Jill Abramson and Don Van Natta in the New York Times laid out the previously untold story story of the small group of conservative lawyers who concocted the Paula Jones lawsuit and were instrumental in pushing the Monica Lewinsky matter, among other things. As it happens one of those lawyers was a fellow named George Conway, who was not yet married to Kellyanne Fitzpatrick, who is now Donald Trump’s latest campaign manager.


The Drudge Report drove much of the scandal, and George Conway was believed to have been Drudge’s main source, most memorably the story about President Clinton’s alleged “distinguishing characteristic” which pundits and commentators gleefully discussed on television for months. It’s a small right-wing world after all.


The book “The Hunting of the President” and the new e-book “The Hunting of Hillary,” both by Joe Conason and Gene Lyons, finally put together the overall narrative of what happened. But even at the time, it was obvious that there was a concerted effort, funded by millionaire GOP donors, to throw mud on the Clinton administration in an attempt to either get the president impeached or force him to resign. We all know how that ended.


One of the biggest players in the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy was an outfit called Judicial Watch, formed in the early 90s by a conservative gadfly named Larry Klayman.


Klayman was a one-man wrecking crew who filed more than 18 lawsuits against members of the Clinton administration costing them millions of dollars in legal fees. The most notable of these was a $90 million invasion of privacy suit filed against Hillary Clinton and others on behalf of the “victims” of Filegate, one of the many scandals for which both Bill and Hillary Clinton were completely exonerated by two different independent counsels.


The lawsuit was colorfully described at the time by Jacob Weisberg of Slate:


Klayman has found an opening to harass his political opponents, inflicting costly all-day depositions on Harold Ickes, [George] Stephanopoulos, James Carville, Paul Begala, and many others … Klayman asks administration officials about whom they date, where they go after work, whether they were expelled from school for disciplinary problems. One 23-year-old White House assistant was interrogated about a triple murder that took place at a Starbucks in Georgetown. Klayman videotapes these depositions, excerpts of which air on Geraldo when Klayman appears on the program, and publishes the transcripts on the Internet. This is in pursuit of a case about the invasion of privacy, remember … The ultimate goal of the Filegate suit appears to be to inflict this treatment on Hillary Clinton.


That was just one of many Judicial Watch lawsuits, including one in which Klayman sued his own mother for $50,000, that went nowhere.


But they did achieve their true purpose, which was to damage reputations, smear political opponents and inflict huge legal fees on anyone who happened to be in the administration.


Klayman left Judicial Watch in 2003 and ended up suing them (naturally.)


His recent activity has included a rare righteous lawsuit against the National Security Agency for spying on Americans, and accusations that President Obama is a Muslim who is trying to institute Sharia law. Just this month he added another name to the list of more 80 deaths for which he says Hillary Clinton is responsible. And yes, he’s representing two Benghazi families in wrongful death suits against her.


Meanwhile, Judicial Watch has continued its work without him. During the Bush administration they made a couple of half-hearted attempts at bipartisan “watchdog” activity by submitting Freedom of Information Act requests for Dick Cheney’s energy task force members and the White House guest logs for lobbyist Jack Abramoff.


The Obama presidency proved to be more fertile ground. Judicial Watch has accused the administration of creating dozens of “czars” that don’t exist, and has made a fetish out of lying about the Obamas’ travel expenses. This so-called watchdog group has engaged in some truly weird conspiracy-mongering.


Via Media Matters:


Judicial Watch
that the Justice Department was helping to “organize and manage rallies and protests against George Zimmerman,” the Florida man who shot and killed teenager Trayvon Martin. In reality, the unit of the DOJ
to Florida in order to defuse tensions in the community, and as the Orlando Sentinel
, they “reached out to the city’s spiritual and civic leaders to help cool heated emotions.”


Judicial Watch
that the Islamic State (ISIS) had set up a terrorist camp in Mexico “just a few miles from El Paso, Texas,” facilitating the smuggling of terrorists into the United States. Conservative media outlets
up Judicial Watch’s claim. Authorities in both the U.S. and Mexico
the group’s fearmongering.


This is the same Judicial Watch that currently has the press panting over every release of the Clinton State Department emails they’ve received from their FOIA fishing expedition, rushing on the air and to print based upon the organization’s often erroneous and misleading press releases.


Tom Fitton, the organization’s current president and author of the book “The Corruption Chronicles: Obama’s Big Secrecy, Big Corruption, and Big Government” proudly declared, “Judicial Watch has had more success investigating the IRS, Benghazi and Clinton email scandals than any House committee.”


Considering the outcomes of the IRS and Benghazi “scandals,” it would behoove the press to show a little skepticism.


The history of this group is very clear. The first time it waged its campaign of character assassination against Bill and Hillary Clinton, it’s perhaps understandable that the press failed to recognize they were being manipulated by political operatives. The trumped-up Obama scandals added up to nothing as well. There’s no excuse for the media to fall for it again.



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Hillary hit the nail on the head when she labeled the "vast right wing conspiracy" for exactly what it was.. And still is.

We see it here every day.

This post was done as a Public Service Announcement. I noticed most people have either forgotten if they are of age, or to young to remember, just who these sleazeballs are at Judicial Watch. The very name being an oxymoron. This is a group of ambulance chasing liars like Larry Klayman, that the article described quite well, which tells you pretty much what you need to know about the credibility of everyone associated with the fraud group. Not only should Clinton take her time, and not even respond to any questions they ask, but declare executive privilege after she is elected, and force the group to use the court to try to sue her, which isn't going to happen, and after her Presidency, use the full weight of the Clinton Foundation, along with money from friends like George Soros, and sue everyone involved for defamation, and slander for the last 30 years of which the evidence is well documented, and overwhelming, and destroy their lives and the lives of their families, and make that suffering endure for years, until their grandchildren are having to deal with the suits.


That will put such a chill on that crowd, they won't even think of ever trying it again. And with the money the Clinton Foundation and George Soros has, they can easily make that happen.

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Judicial watch gets in the system's ass

That is why the loyalists don't like them

They're a bunch of rank amateurs and clowns suing eachother when they aren't suing their own mothers. Bill Clinton already made them look like idiots the first time, now Hillary will make them look like even bigger idiots this time.


Lets see if they can take it like they dish it out when the Clinton foundation brings an army of lawyers down on their ass, and starts costing them millions of dollars, and their kids inheritance money.

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Hillary hit the nail on the head when she labeled the "vast right wing conspiracy" for exactly what it was.. And still is.

We see it here every day.

as the DNC throws bernie under the bus. the true new criminals are the DNC and all the libs who back em

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So now it's attack the messenger because they have the goods on Hillary's corruption.



Sucks to be you.


Here is Trump's Politifact File http://www.politifact.com/personalities/donald-trump/


Here is Hillary's Politifact File http://www.politifact.com/personalities/hillary-clinton/


You now have my permission to eat shit and die liar/loser.

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Hillary hit the nail on the head when she labeled the "vast right wing conspiracy" for exactly what it was.. And still is.

We see it here every day.

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy?


If there's such a thing as a vast right wing conspiracy, why don't Repubs win every election?


I mean, according to you guys, they have the power to bring Hilarious on charges time after time, but they don't have the power to win elections?


I, however, agree there's a conspiracy here. The vast left wing conspiracy to use the bs term right wing conspiracy

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Klayman was a one-man wrecking crew who filed more than 18 lawsuits against members of the Clinton administration costing them millions of dollars in legal fees. The most notable of these was a $90 million invasion of privacy suit filed against Hillary Clinton and others on behalf of the “victims” of Filegate, one of the many scandals for which both Bill and Hillary Clinton were completely exonerated by two different independent counsels.

Thank you, skews, for bringing up the topic of Filegate. This offers a perfect opportunity to show forum visitors your dishonesty ... indeed the dishonesty of all the leftists on this forum … and that of the Clintons. Because the Clintons were “completely exonerated” only in the sense that FBI Director Comey “completely exonerated” Hillary in the ongoing email/servergate scandal. And we know that he did not "exonerate" her at all. Indeed, it’s demonstrable that the Independent Counsels (ICs) were themselves dishonest and are not to be trusted in this and other matters. So, by all means, let’s discuss Filegate and those ICs in detail, skews … for those who'd like to know what YOU are deliberately leaving out of the story.


To begin with, it is a demonstrable fact that over a thousand (1000+) raw FBI files of mostly Republicans were improperly obtained by the Clinton White House Security Office, which was headed by Craig Livingstone, a former bar bouncer from ... guess where ... Arkansas. It is also demonstrable that members of the White House staff, who were following Hillary orders, were taking the contents of those files and illegally entering them into Clinton White House and DNC databases. And this is minor thing because just a few years earlier a man named Charles Colson, of Watergate fame, received a one- to three-year prison sentence (he served 7 months) for taking and leaking just ONE FBI file to a reporter. Filegate had all the appearance of a data mining operation designed to gather dirt on the Clintons' and DNC’s opponents … data that could be used as blackmail or leverage. So there were indeed “victims” in this scandal, skews.


It’s also a demonstrable fact that the WhiteHouse at first tried to claim that just 400 files were acquired. They tried to minimize what had happened, calling it a “innocent mistake” and a “goof”. But within weeks, thanks to Judicial Watch, the number of files that had demonstrably been acquired had spiraled to 700 and eventually they numbered over a 1000, most of them Republicans. In fact, one witness, Linda Tripp, testified under oath to seeing thousandS of files stacked floor to ceiling in a room where the data in them was being illegally loaded on computer databases. The operation was so blatant that Associate Counsel William Kennedy illegally took files home and was illegally entering their contents onto databases via his own laptop. His own wife testified that this occurred.


Now it’s true that no one was charged in Filegate ... by the Clinton controlled DOJ. It’s true that the Independent Councils (Ken Starr and later Robert Ray) closed the investigation without recommending indictments. But who here, given what we’re seeing from the DOJ under Obama, would have expected the Clinton DOJ (under Reno, no less) to go after the Clintons regardless of the evidence they had? And proof that the ICs were corrupt is easy to come by.


For example, years after Ken Starr publicly stated that the FBI Filegate files had been returned to the FBI, Independent Counsel Ray admitted on live TV that they had not ... that they were still in Whitehouse hands. This alone is proof that Starr was neither Starr or Ray were honest brokers. They worked for Clinton.


Starr was willing to accept the Clinton Whitehouse and FBI excuse that acquiring all those files was a harmless goof ... a mere snafu, despite the fact that even after reading the names on the files … after knowing those names were Republicans who were not part of the administration ... they went ahead and began loading the contents ILLEGALLY onto DNC and Whitehouse computers. That's not the sign of a snafu. That's an indication that Filegate was a blackmail operation, plain as day. And Starr should have pursued the matter in that light. But he didn’t. Every aspect of his investigation was a sham.


For example, he failed to ask Linda Tripp, one of the key witnesses in the scandal, rather obvious and critical questions. Indeed, after meeting with him, Tripp expressed surprise at how little he delved into the matter. And despite multiple sworn statements by witnesses that Hillary was behind Filegate, Starr questioned her for less than 10 minutes. JUST TEN MINUTES. In that time, Hillary Clinton said she had nothing to do with the hiring of Craig Livingstone, the guy who ran the office of security that had Anthony Mareca acquire the files from the FBI. In fact, she claimed she didn't even know Craig Livingstone. She stated under oath that ”I did not hire, nor did I direct or recommend the hiring of, Craig Livinstone for any position, including his position of Director of the White House Office of Personnel Security, and I do not know Mr. Livingstone’s mother." She stated under oath: "I did not know him. I did not have anything to do with his being hired, and I do not remember even meeting him until sometime in the last year." And Starr just accepted that denial as fact, and dropped the investigation, despite there being sworn testimony (thanks to Judicial Watch) from multiple witnesses, including FBI agents, that she did indeed know him and had in fact hired him. In fact, in May 2001, Fox News interviewed Livingstone and he said he met Hillary prior to Clinton running for President. Not sometime in the "last year". The truth is that her testimony was filled with lies which Starr just accepted it as truth. Not the mark of an honest or competent investigator. And then Robert Ray accepted what Starr concluded as truth, too. The so-called IC investigation was a sham, just as Starr’s investigation of the death of Vince Foster was a total sham (and for those who don’t know, that’s what Starr's own top investigator said right before he quit the investigation in disgust).


Now years later, after Bill Clinton left office, Livingstone even admitted that Hillary not only knew him but hired him. So both she and he lied under oath in this matter. And the evidence was there all along. There were photos of them together in Whitehouse files that Starr could have easily uncovered if he'd tried. Such as these:










Tiny little Judicial Watch, without any of the powers of Starr, discovered them via FOIA requests. Those photos show Hillary and Livingstone walking or standing together at numerous White House events, putting the lie to the claim of her not even knowing him. They are looking at each other. Laughing at something that was said. They clearly know each other. The truth is that both of them lied under oath, and Starr should have known, probably did know, they were lying. And that is (in my opinion) why he spent less than 10 minutes questioning the accused mastermind behind Filegate. Because it was a coverup from the start.


And I could go on and on regarding this subject of people we counted on to investigate scandals during the Clinton era actually working for the Clintons. For example, in hearings before the House Oversight Committee, Bernard Nussbaum, Counsel to President Clinton during the time the files were acquired, testified under oath that they didn't know who was responsible for hiring Livingstone. Then a few weeks later, the FBI discovered a memo dated March 1993 of an interview with Bernard Nussbaum by FBI Special Agent Sculimbrene in conjunction with the background investigation of Livingstone. In the memo, Sculimbrene wrote: "Bernard Nussbaum, Counsel to the President, advised that he has known [Livingstone] for the period of time that he has been employed in the new administration. [Livingstone] had come highly recommended to him by HILLARY CLINTON, who has known his mother for a longer period of time." Sculimbrene was then interviewed by FBI agents and he confirmed he wrote the memo and was told by Livingstone that Livingstone's mother was a friend of Hillary Clinton. But purposefully, the FBI (under Freeh) revealed the discovery of the memo to the Whitehouse days before notifying the House Oversight committee. In short, Freeh's FBI was working for Clinton. Not doing it's job. And when Representative Clinger asked that Nussbaum be investigated for lying, the Reno's DOJ did nothing because they were also controlled by the Clintons.


Now if you want proof of how concerned the Clinton White House was about this matter, consider this. Just one day after the FBI improperly told the White House about Sculimbrene, two FBI agents were sent to Sculimbrene's home where he was grilled like HE was the criminal in this matter. According to Scullimbrene, he was told the Whitehouse was unhappy and concerned about this interview and what had been said about Nussbaum. He was repeatedly told that Nussbaum, Hillary and Bill Clinton contradicted the statement in the memo, thus pitting his credibility against the President, First Lady and White House Counsel. During that interrogation, Sculimbrene's supervisor called to advise him about an upcoming psychiatric examination that would determine his fitness to serve the FBI. This interrogation was clearly meant to intimidate. Sculimbrene complained that they asked him more than 30 times whether he kept other notes on what Nussbaum told him about Hillary and Livingstone. It should be obvious to anyone that they were worried that other hard evidence would emerge linking the Livingstone, Hillary and Nussbaum. They were so worried that they simply ignored the statement of Attorney General Reno, one month after appointing a special counsel on Filegate, that it would be a conflict of interest for the FBI or Justice Department to investigate anything related to Filegate.


After Clinger got the memo and began to make a fuss, White House Counsel Jack Quinn wrote FBI Director Louis Freeh and attempted to bogusly link Sculimbrene to another agent who'd been convicted of falsifying background investigations. At the same time, Lanny Davis and other Whitehouse hitmen went to the public airways to attack Sculimbrene, calling what was in his memo "an absolute fabrication." One of their TV talk show defenders even suggested that Sculimbrene typed it recently and planted it in the Livingstone FBI file. This shows how desperate the administration was regarding this discovery. Keep in mind that eventually Livingstone admitted that he was hired by Hillary and they White House knew this at the time. If you want to talk about “victims”, skews, Sculimbrene is one. The efforts to attack Sculimbrene were so extreme that he decided to resign in August of 1996. What honest man would want to work for such a corrupt administration?


And what honest man would defend them at this point, SKEWS?


Later, as part of the Judicial Watch depositions, Sculimbrene made a sworn declaration where he stated that as part of the 1993 "background investigation, I was required by FBI procedures to interview Livingstone several times. During the course of one of these interviews, Craig Livingstone told me of a personal connection between himself, his mother, and Hillary Rodham Clinton." He also stated under oath that after completing his background check on Livingstone, Associate Counsel Kennedy called him to his office to discuss Livingstone and left him with the impression that Kennedy was "stuck" with Craig Livingstone as Director of OPS." That implies that someone other than Kennedy made the decision regarding Livingstone's employment. Who was that person if not Hillary, who was seen talking to Kennedy on multiple occasions? I think the answer is obvious. It was Hillary and she lied under oath. These FACTS don't "exonerate" her at all.


So here we are with skews trying to smear Judicial Watch with charges that Filegate was a bogus pursuit in a bogus scandal. As I've demonstrated, however, what was bogus was the so-called government investigations of the matter. The truth is that little Judicial Watch, filing civil suits for damages and taking depositions under oath of people Starr should have deposed, managed to learn all of the following that otherwise we would not know:


- Anthony Marceca pled the 5th to questions about the misuse of FBI files and the role of Hillary Clinton in their misuse. PERHAPS EVIDENCE OF A CRIME.


- Livingstone eventually admitted to obtaining about a thousand raw FBI data files and to bringing them to the Whitehouse. Most were the files of top Republicans. A CRIME.


- Assistant White House Counsel Michelle Peterson admitted that the Clinton White House planned to stall the Filegate case until after the Clintons left office. A CRIME.


- Linda Tripp, former executive assistant in the White House Counsel's Office, testified that she observed FBI files of Republicans being loaded onto a White House computer and rooms piled high with the files. She testified the files numbered in the thousands. A CRIME.


- Tripp also testified she overheard William Kennedy, former Rose Law Firm partner of Hillary Clinton and then associate White House counsel, and Marsha Scott, the first lady's confidante, discussing Hillary Clinton's plan to share the FBI files on a computer database with the Democratic National Committee. A CRIME.


- Tripp also testified she saw FBI files of Republicans in the office of Kennedy, who supervised Livingstone. A CRIME.


- Leslie Gail Kennedy testified that her husband loaded FBI files onto a computer database on a laptop computer while sitting at their kitchen table. For those that don't know, there are SEVERAL CRIMES in doing this which were never prosecuted and that the ICs simply ignored.


- Deborah Perroy, a White House staffer, testified under oath that operatives of Craig Livingstone were going through FBI and CIA files of Republicans and that it was Hillary Clinton who hired and directed Livingstone. EVIDENCE OF PERJURY BY BOTH HILLARY AND LIVINGSTONE. Perroy also stated under oath that "It was widely known at the Clinton White House that Hillary Clinton was running things and was responsible for the hiring of the political staff." She said "Livingstone was really working for Mrs. Clinton, as far as everyone knew, and everyone dropped everything to accommodate Mr Livingstone’s requests."


- Sherry Rowlands ('friend' of Clinton's spinmaster at the time, Dick Morris) testified that Morris admitted to her that Hillary Clinton was the mastermind of Filegate. EVIDENCE OF PERJURY BY BOTH HILLARY AND LIVINGSTONE.


- Sheryl Hall, another White House staffer, testified that Livingstone worked for Hillary Clinton. EVIDENCE OF PERJURY BY BOTH HILLARY AND LIVINGSTONE. Hall went on to say that "based on my personal observations and experience (BAC - during the seven years she worked there), as well as my interaction with numerous White House staffers, it was clear to me that Mrs. Clinton had operational control of the White House, including, but not limited to, the hiring and firing of personnel." She said "Mrs. Clinton acted through these individuals and instructions from them were to be acted upon as if they came directly from Mrs Clinton."


- a White House intern testified that she saw Hillary greet Livingstone warmly in a White House hallway, by his first name. EVIDENCE OF PERJURY BY HILLARY.


- former assistant in the White House office of personal security, Mari Anderson, stated under oath that some files on past GOP officials were knowingly included on lists of FBI background files that were requested. This directly contradicts claims by Livingston and top officials that these files were requested by mistake. Also, she testified that she kept the access log for the files up to date and could not explain why 6 months of access logs detailing who removed which FBI files from the White House Office of Personnel Security were missing (akin to President Nixon's infamous 18 minute tape gap). This contradicts Livingstone's claim that during that time "the log wasn't kept." She added that Livingstone occasionally took a file without entering anything in the log. SEVERAL MORE CRIMES.


- Secret Service documents showed numerous visits by Livingstone into the White House residence but no explanation was forthcoming about the purpose of those visits. AND STARR NEVER BOTHERED TO ASK.


All this evidence pointed to a scandal that would have ENDED any Republican Presidency. That is why skews wants to smear the ONLY organization that acted honestly in this matter. That actually was trying to find out the truth and hold criminals accountable. This one example tells anyone all they need to know about skew’s and his post ... and Hillary. You can be sure that his other complaints about Judicial Watch are just as bogus … just as out of context … just as misrepresentative of the facts … as this example. The truth is that Judicial Watch did great work uncovering truth in many scandals. Like Chinagate, which was another bag of Clinton dirty laundry deserving of impeachment for treason. Which the ICs ignored. Like the death of Ron Brown, where a mass murder was most likely covered up by the Clinton administration to hide Chinagate. Which the ICs ignored. skews ... YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF. OR AT LEAST EMBARRASSED.

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  • 5 months later...

'Judicial Watch claimed that the Islamic State (ISIS) had set up a terrorist camp in Mexico “just a few miles from El Paso, Texas,” facilitating the smuggling of terrorists into the United States'



Foxaganda was running with this one, had their rednecks skeeered shitless






The book “The Hunting of the President” and the new e-book “The Hunting of Hillary,” both by Joe Conason and Gene Lyons


Conason is on Hardball often....smart guy!

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459) Three days after the Egyptian government murdered dozens of Egyptian civilians, the Obama administration announced it would give military aid to the Egyptian government, which, soon afterward, murdered hundreds of additional Egyptian civilians

On April 12, 2013, it was reported that the Obama administration had just given four F-16 fighter jets to Egypt, and that it had also given them eight others on earlier dates.

On July 8, 2013, it was reported that the Egyptian government had murdered at least 51 Egyptian civilians who had been protesting against the Egyptian government.

Three days later, it was reported that the Obama administration would be giving four additional F-16 fighter jets to the Egyptian government.

On July 27, 2013, it was reported that the Egyptian government had murdered at least 72 additional Egyptian civilians who had been protesting against the Egyptian government.

On August 15, 2013, it was reported that the Egyptian government had murdered more than 600 additional Egyptian civilians who had been protesting against the Egyptian government.


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Hillary hit the nail on the head when she labeled the "vast right wing conspiracy" for exactly what it was.. And still is.



....And, HAS BEEN....since 1998.






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