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NY Post: Hillary aid Huma Abdien 10 YEAR Tie to Racical Islam

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How many of these ASSOCIATIONS are the "Main Stream Liberal Propaganda Media" just going to IGNORE?


1) The father of the "Gay Bar killer"... killer of 50 people, attends a Hillary Rally... and is seated FRONT and CENTER,


2) Foreign governments ALL OVER THE WORLD have contributed to the Clinton Foundation, and MANY were "war Lords" guilty of killing MILLIONS, who BENEFITTED from thei donations, with Hillary "favors" (a.k.a. Pay for Play = Quid Pro Quo = CORRUPTION),


3) Now her long time aid... Huma Abdien has been affiliated with a RADICAL Islamic Magazine... and therefore Radical Islam, for over TEN YEARS !!


If Hillary is NOT Guilty as HELL, then she is STUPID as HELL... THERE ARE NO OTHER OPTIONS !!!

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