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Some Real Republican Accomplishments. Be Fair Libs!

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George W Bush managed to piss through a huge budget surplus, tank the world economy, further destabilize the Middle East with an unfunded war and invade the wrong country! This created the largest transfer of wealth from the bottom to the top ever. What makes this even more impressive is that he was drunk or stoned on coke when he did it! What is even more impressive is that he did it all with an IQ of a defective brain damaged chimp.




Bush would not have been able to do this without the help of the depraved Republican base.



Take a look at the Red States. Look at all that Republican induced poverty.


Look at where all the teen sluts live. IN THE BIBLE BELT!


The Bible banging Republicans are also the most murderous and violent!


Most porn addicts are in the Bible Belt.


So much for the sanctity of marriage. The Red States/Bible Belt is full of cheating sluts.

When it comes to depravity the Republican have accomplished a lot!

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Yep, it was the Generation of Swine led by George W., DICK Cheney and Haliburton, Condie Rice, Scumbag Scalia, The Kochs, Mitch McConnell, Fox News, Limbaugh and the other Rightwingnut paid liars with radio and TV shows, Citizens United, ALEC, the NRA, Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Tobacco...


Then Obama had to clean it all up under a literal avalanche of OBSTRUCTION unseen before in American history.


While facing the overt abject HATRED of being the first black POTUS, by birthers like Trump, his family compared to monkeys by Trumps good friend Carl Palladino, and he did one hell of a great job despite all that! Hunted down and eliminated Bin Laden off the planet, after W. gave up on it, helped to kill Khadafi, and many top scumbags in Al Qaeda, , faced the insulting bony finger of Americas ugliest and most racist Governor be-atch Jan Brewer. Kicked McCain AND Romneys out of touch phony puppet ASSES, passed healthcare coverage for 20 million more Americans, and kept unemployment below 5%, while creating 12 million new jobs...


Not bad. What have the R's done to help America??? ZILCH, SQUAT, NADA!!! They were too busy obstructing and only trying to get re-elected...

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