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Hispanic server gets nastygram on diner's receipt

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Eighteen-year-old waitress Sadie Elledge was working the lunch shift at Jess Lunch, in Harrisonburg, Virginia when a couple, in lieu of a tip, left a message on their receipt that said, We only tip citizens. Sadie, whose father was born in Honduras and mother in Mexico, is, in fact, a U.S. citizen who grew up in Harrisonburg. Ive had people make comments like Go make me a burrito, but thats at school and I dont pay attention, said Sadie, adding that the insult wasnt that big a deal to her. But when her grandfather, John Elledge, heard of the incident through another one of his granddaughters, he decided he wasnt going to stand for it.


John posted a picture of the receipt onto his Facebook page and the image swiftly went viral. The restaurant has since responded by scouring the surveillance video to determine who wrote the hateful note. The woman who allegedly signed the note met with police on Thursday, John said, claiming she signed the receipt but didnt write the comment.


Sadie said that while she hadnt been looking for the attention brought on by the incident, she hoped some good could come from it. It doesnt matter whether Im Hispanic or American or whatever you want to call it, she said. Im still a person and you should still treat me with respect.



Yet another rightwinger fails at being human.

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