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Trump Endorsed Hillary For POTUS

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Explain this liars.


Explain this too liars.


Liars lie and liars spread lies and when confronted with reality they attack the messenger. This is the tactic of scumbags who should not be allowed to have kids.


Trump doesn't always lie but he does lie most of the time and now because his fragile ego made him want to be president his lying is in overdrive. The truth is, Trump really does admire Bill and Hillary Clinton but because he's a jealous whiny little bitch he wants to be them. There is no way he could be like Bill or Hillary simply because like his supporters, he not very bright.


As bad as Trump is, his supporters are far worse. Trump is appealing to the lowest of the low and that is why the Republican base rejected candidates with a far lower douche-baggery quotient than Trump. Admittedly, the Republican primary voters didn't have much of a choice except for Kasich but Kasich was too sane and too honest for the likes of the Republican voter.




Let's watch as the pathetic scumbag Trumpdroids attack me and ignore the fact that Trump praised and endorsed Hillary.



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