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Hillary's Done... And She Knows It

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by Wayne Allyn Root

It’s remarkable how biased the mainstream media is against Donald Trump. If you listen to the media, all his polls look horrible and his odds of winning are remote. According to the biased liberal media, Team Trump should be in panic mode.


In reality it’s Hillary Clinton who should be in panic mode right about now. Let me explain.

According to liberals…and Donald's critics…and the GOP establishment…and Ted Cruz’s “NeverTrump” crowd…and the mainstream media...

Trump is ignorant...disorganized...offensive...his views are barbaric and simplistic...

He's firing his campaign managers AGAIN….

He's made every rookie mistake in the book as the "non politician" who has no idea what he's doing...

According to critics he’s just doubled down on "stupid" by hiring Breitbart's CEO Steve Bannon as CEO of the Trump campaign...once again ignoring conventional wisdom…ignoring the traditional Washington DC insiders and “political experts.”

The critics also believe they’ve just witnessed Trump suffering the three worst weeks in the history of presidential campaigns…

He certainly just suffered three weeks of the most intense, vicious, over-the-top media attacks ever on a presidential candidate...

And don’t forget Donald's been outspent $100 MM to -0-...


But worst of all...

Donald has been abandoned by his own party. The most impressive list of GOP officials ever to stand against their nominee just publicly rejected Donald...

Add in GOP Senators and Congressmen publicly announcing he's unqualified and they cannot support him...

It’s all gone bad for Donald Trump, hasn’t it? It can’t get any worse for a presidential candidate. Talk about your peaks and valleys…Trump is deep in the heart of the valley.

But here’s the thing…

After all of THAT...after Hillary and the media and liberals…and the GOP establishment threw everything they had at Donald…

He is tied with Hillary (within statistical margin of error) in every major credible national poll out in the past few days. Pick your poll: Zogby, Rasmussen, LA Times/USC, Bloomberg, they all say he’s down 1 or 2 points with likely voters- which is tied. In the latest LA times/USC poll he’s down less than one point.

And we all know 5% to 10% of voters won't admit they support Trump. Why would they after the three weeks of disaster I just described?

So that means he's actually AHEAD by 3 to 5 points.

Hillary is like a NFL team ahead by 14 in the 3rd quarter...and the coach, players and fans all know it's not enough. They can feel it. Disaster is coming. They are ahead by 14...and they just know they are dead.

If Hillary isn't ahead by 15 to 20 points right now...at this absolute low point of Trump's campaign...the deep, deep valley…Hillary is the one in deep trouble.

Her peak is actually the valley. Her fans and the mainstream media just don't understand that yet. This is the high water mark of her campaign. It will never get better than this. And she's tied, hanging on by her fingernails.

She won’t make it to the November 8th finish line. She is DOA (I mean politically, of course).

Even worse...

She knows any day between now and November 8th...Julian Assange and Wikileaks will drop a bombshell that will destroy her presidential run, political career and legacy all in one. She knows what’s coming, because she knows what’s in those emails. If Wikileaks has what Hillary thinks they have, her future involves the “Big House," not the White House.

Because Wikileaks clearly has her 32,000 deleted emails. Secret emails that detail her crimes against the American people.

No wonder Hillary’s sick...no wonder she has “health issues”...no wonder she has trouble standing up behind a podium...or sitting on a couch without being propped up by large pillows...or walking up stairs...stress will kill you!

Hillary knows what's coming...and it's destroying her mental and physical health.

One more reminder- Donald Trump has not spent one dollar yet. His first TV ads start this weekend. And then after Labor Day, I’m betting he releases an overwhelming advertising blitz the likes of which, Hillary has never faced before.

I wouldn't trade Donald's position right now for Hillary’s, for all the money in the world.

Donald has Hillary right where he wants her.


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Your idiotic biased link:

It's remarkable how biased the mainstream media is against Donald Trump. If you listen to the media, all his polls look horrible and his odds of winning are remote. According to the biased liberal media, Team Trump should be in panic mode.




Really. The Trump campaign IS in full panic mode. Constant reshuffling and firings does not reek of stability.

All the polls DO look horrible and odds of winning IS remote.

Check my election tracker. Lol




Truth is like kryptonite to Trumpoholics.

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Can't wait for the debates. Trump's going to get smoked.


Check out his stupidity on display:



Tied guys. TIED. :D

Only in your dreams.



Clinton's lead is clear and steady:



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