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The gops Survival Depends On It

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The crazies are in control of the Republican Party.

I think it serves them right. This is the end product of the Southern Strategy - an appeal to people's irrational hatred and effectively, an appeal against reason itself. Although the Republican Party has been immensely effective in getting working and middle class white to vote against their own economic interests, they have in some ways, managed to shoot themselves in the foot here.

The issue really is that the political right must deny global warming just as they must deny evolution and the idea that financial deregulation caused this 2008 Financial Crisis. Their ideology's survival depends on it.

They' know that the existence of global warming represents an existential threat to their ideology. To them, a "perfect" world is one that returns back to the 19th century where there were no regulations, limited government action (with the notable exception of their views on war), and one of extreme inequality. The existence of global warming disproves that this is a good idea.

Sadly the crazies have consequences for everyone.

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The 70s which you republiKans keep bringing up....Only 2% of the Scientists thought that


Please tell Foxaganda and gop Hate radio for the Uneducated this please..

Can you show us the stat that only 2%?

Benson...Why can't you answer any direct questions?

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