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Ivanka Trump doesn't pay her interns

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Unpaid internships at for-profit companies are not legal in New York City.
(Full article at above link)

Ivanka Trump, daughter of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, is reportedly worth $150 million. She also doesn't pay her interns.

"How to Survive as an Unpaid Intern," a blog post published on IvankaTrump.com recently outlines the many ways her crew of temporary workers survive a summer in New York City. Median rents in the City That Never Sleeps range from $2,768 in Queens to $3,450 in Manhattan.

How to make it work as an unpaid intern: http://bit.ly/2bga3xq #nomoneynoproblems #interntips #internships

(#nomoneyproblems! lol. No shit - drvoke)

The post, a collaborative effort between five different Ivanka Trump interns, shares a host of tips for making it through a summer sans paycheck.

Budget during the school year. Take on a part-time job (Or, as the Youths call them, "side-hustles.") Find cheap places to booze it up on the weekends.

You know, the sorts of things that most twentysomethings are willing to do when they think it'll get them one step ahead.

Unfortunately for some firms, the practice sometimes backfires.

This year, Fox Searchlight reached a settlement with two former unpaid interns for their work on "Black Swan." Oregonian/OregonLive columnist Steve Duin wrote about the Portland Timbers' use of unpaid interns in 2013 in a story that ended with the organization issuing backpay to a former worker.

The main problem, as Ford Foundation President Darren Walker wrote in an op-ed for The Times, is that "Talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not. And while many Americans believe fervently and faithfully in expanding opportunity, America's internship-industrial complex does just the opposite."

Walker argues that unpaid internships erect unnecessary barriers to opportunity for those who would otherwise qualify, but can't afford to spend a summer without earning a steady paycheck.

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