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Donald Trump Is A Bill Clinton Plant

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Yes ...... corruption at its' finest. The woman molester never quits.


Holy shit they are both women molesters.

Completely a true jump to an incorrect conclusion. Know the party that gave the concept of America both men to choose from. That collective isn't playing politics as usual.


You all really need to start thinking 8 hemispheres of simultaneous existing being intellectually governed by 6 degrees of separation. End result is 8 triangulating methodologies to confuse everyone arguing two sides to each topic.

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Trump is bringing out the Idiocy of the gop...the combination of barry goldwater, nixon, senile raygun, the AWOL Oil Puppet & "the snake" cheney, Foxaganda, and all the Morons on republiKKKan Hate radio

Trump is revealing what needs to be done to correct social engineering social identities cradle to grave academically, spiritually, politically, artistically, economically. leaderships and fellowships aren't going to change their methodology until it doesn't work against the silent majority anymore.

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Women molesters generally do not band together.

They are pretty much the opposite of tuba and triangle players.

I don't think this reads as you intended it to mean. Women molest, just as males do? Alpha males and alpha females tend to behave with the same sense of superiority over those they feel are inferior. Same can be said for the beta disciples of social engineering.


Royalists and loyalists directing the general population with semantics, syllogism, and hyperbole defined as theological and science fiction create segmented society from household, to local, to city, county, state, federal, global, universal.


Gee 8 hemispheres of societal evolution from one inside another at the same time. Screw your intellectual plane existentialism operating through a radial misdirection of literal, figurative,and relative truths defending reality and humanity philosophically and psychologically.

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