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The HYPOCRICY of Democrat LIES, and PROMISES !!

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You LIBERALS are LYING IDIOTS... It is the Democrats who have promised the EXACT same things, year after year, election cycle after election cycle... and KEPT NONE OF THE PROMISES. A RECENT case in point...


Hillary's jobs speech: Promises NEW Green energy jobs, Rebuilding Americas infrastructure, and doing it by taxing the wealthy... WHAT has that gotten us SINCE the LAST time the Democrats tried it? Solyndra, Billions of $$$ that ended up in Democrat benefactor pockets (like Tom Steyer)... LOTS of jobs that ended up in China, "Shovel Ready" jobs that took 3 times as long, and cost 3 times as much as they should have... and a DEFICIT that is DOUBLE from where it was in 2008... AND, has it Really helped Blacks or other Minorities? Answer: NO !!



That was almost IDENTICAL to Obama's jobs speeches leading up to the 2008 and 2012 elections...







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