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I like to walk, I used to run a lot, in fact all my life before I hurt my back real bad one time, I was inclined once to run, but now I walk.

It is an inclination that makes an artist, or a mechanic study mechanical things. A will, or an inclination to focus on something a lot.

Like playing the guitar. Believe me, I will tell you, if you are inclined enough to play the guitar really good, you will one day.


Politics, I gravitated to politics early on. I was inclined to read and watch the news on television as a youth. Catching a book about history

resonated with me big time, I was inclined to know about the Roosevelt's, or the King Fish, Huey Long, and the time in which he lived.

I would gravitate to old places that reflected those times as a kid. I lived not too far from Detroit, there was this old complex of buildings

nearby called Eloise, MI. It was one of the first major hospital complexes in the US. Florence Nightingale, the celebrated mother of nursing

had her writings all along the wall. The first X-rays, first anesthesia machines, old surgical equipment still stood in deserted rooms

in the old towering buildings on Michigan Ave.


Inspire someone to be inclined toward something good. Anywhere any place on Earth, tell them this, and if they do, it will enrich us all.

Stop all the divide and get kids motivated to realize their own inclination, something they like. Something you like, I say with warning

comes with sacrifice. But you push the more you become imbibed once you are furtively inclined to be the best of what ever it is,

that you yourself can.


Someone told me Bernie Sanders was pandering to all the kids, what bullshit. Bernie is who he is, he believes in it. A transaction tax

on trades would steady the market and make a lot of real economic good sense. The SEC already has a very very minor transaction fee

which pays its way - albeit it ain't nearly enough.


But they have employed this transaction tax elsewhere in other countries and it has raised a great deal of money. We could easily impose

enough to raise 40 - 60 billion each year, with no sweat at all. http://cepr.net/blogs/beat-the-press/bart-chilton-the-donald-trump-of-commodity-futures-trading-commissioners


See the switch there... It's not about a bet, it's not about anything but simple math, yet people are inclined to reject things they know nothing about because they are not



Politics is not a bad word at all. It's everywhere. It's not just a game, rather it is a dialogue or a pedagogy, like an inclination to take a walk, hopefully a lot of walks.




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