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Drew Pinsky: Doctor of celebrity deaths!

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The joke of the medical world, 'Dr.' Drew Pinsky said he examined the 'reports of Hillary Clintons doctor', and has grave concerns regarding her health care??? Pinsky, who is a has been, out of the spotlight for years, is grasping for attention. The moron had the show 'Celebrity Rehab', which was cancelled after the fifth celeb under 'Dr.' Pinskys care dropped dead. Five celebrities under Pinskys 'care' have died terrible deaths... Mindy McReady, Rodney King, Joey Kovar, Jeff Conaway, and Mike Starr.


Pinsky is practicing medicine out of his dumb has been ass, to prop himself back up in the national spotlight. Hillary Clinton is a lot healthier than the psychotic Trump, physically,and especially mentally. Pinsky is the Jerry Springer of doctors and needs to disappear... the doctor is out, forever!

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