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Aetna exit exposes weaknesses in obama's health-care

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How can we vote and make intelligent decisions on who needs to be in the white house without full disclosure. Transparecy. Taxes and medical.records.

Ask Hillary. Oh wait, you can't. She doesn't take questions from supporters, or reporters.

Sucks to be you, I guess.

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Some of the reasons that insurance companies are losing money.


First off, they(government) give exemptions to way to many people. These people go without coverage. When they get sick or injured, they go on the marketplace and buy coverage. This isn't supposed to happen unless you qualify for a SEP (special enrollment period). Moving to new zip codes or state, getting out of jail, pregnant, losing group insurance are some of the reason you qualify. The problem is that the Government is supposed you make you prove you qualify (ex: letter from old employer), but up until about a month ago they never checked. Even now they are still a little lax on it. This is the main reason that the past companies pulled out.


Second, many people (because of low income) qualify for reduced cost silver plans. The plans can have extremely low or no copays for dr visits, tests, and have very low co-insurance and maximum out of pockets. When it doesn't cost you anything to go to doctor, people go. That's the way it's always been.


Third, there is nothing in the ACA that actually lowers the cost of health care.


Fourth, the people that didn't have coverage before and now do are way sicker than anyone predicted. Believe me, I have been selling health insurance for over 14years, and we, as a population are a bunch of fat, lazy, fuks, that get out of breath looking for the remote. It is very hard to compare us to some other countries where their lifestyles are a lot healthier.

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Why is leaving the exchange more profittable????



That is the question I have. They said they can't make money in the exchange. What is more expensive about being in the exchange?

Leaving the exchange is more profitable because they won't be losing money. Simple. Individual insurance is a very small piece of business for all of these companies. They make their money off of group insurance and administering Medicare and Medicaid and many public employee benefit plans.

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How does it become more profittable off the exchange???

so the manidated coverage becomes cheaper how?

The marketplace also adds a lot of red tape and paperwork which adds to their costs, so some of these companies will only sell off exchange to people that don't qualify for a tax credit and pay full price. It's the same plans, but with out the government hassle.

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This was a year ago guys.






Aetna beats profit estimates: Who are the real winners with Obamacare?

Aetna Inc reported that its profits for the second quarter were better than expected after more members joined its government plans. Are big health insurers making big bucks with Obamacare?


By Cristina Maza, Staff writer / August 4, 2015


Save for later


A sign for Aetna Inc., sits atop a building at the company headquarters in in Hartford, Conn, Aug. 19, 2014.


Jessica Hill/AP/File


As more and more Americans get insured under Obamacare, health insurance giant Aetna is watching its profits soar.


On Tuesday, Aetna Inc reported that its adjusted net profit for the second quarter was better than expected after more members joined its government plans and medical costs remained the same. Over the past few years, many large health insurance companies and hospitals have been reaping the benefits of the Affordable Care Act, a fact that observers say proves that the biggest winners of Obamacare are the healthcare giants themselves.



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For years, insurance companies and hospitals told Americans that one reason their insurance bills were so high was because they were paying the hidden cost of medical care for the uninsured, wrote Chad Terhune for the LA Times in December.


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The Affordable Care Act sought to remedy much of that by unleashing the biggest expansion of insurance coverage in half a century. Ten million Americans became newly insured, and federal officials estimate that $5.7 billion in uncompensated care was wiped out this year as hospitals received more paying patients, he continued.


And more paying patients have translated into higher profits and soaring stock shares for insurers, observers note.


"Among five of the largest health insurers Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, Humana, and UnitedHealth Group their stocks are up an average of 107% over the past two years," Ed Snyder, a financial planner at Oaktree Financial Advisors in Carmel, Indiana, told the website Main St.


"ACA-compliant plans are required to include certain benefits, and the insurance companies are pricing those benefits into the plans, which means premiums are increasing," Mr. Snyder added. "In a lot of cases, the insurance company's claims liability is not increasing, though, and that ends up being profit."


Over the past five years, as the five largest insurers consistently beat the S&P 500, overall profits rose substantially.


"There is greater demand for health care and that has improved profits for insurers and hospitals," Phil Orlando, chief equity strategist at Federated Investors, explained to CNN Money.

what was a year ago?

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So what is really going on guys???

this was a year ago guys.


So please tell me they been losing money for years again......


And a 107% jump.in stock prices. Come on guys. Try to blow smoke up somebody elses ass.

Dontknow has admitted he is willfully ignorant regarding why insurance companies have all left Obamacare.

He doesn't want to understand, or he's simply aware that he doesn't have the capacity to understand it.

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The reinsurance plan was a way for oblameo to get Ins. Co's on board oblameocare. Ins. co's were reimbursed for losses. The taxpayers were directly paying Ins. Co's. That part of the plan has ended. This reinsurance has been discussed here by people who actually knew what was in the plan. All of this was debated and known during the debates leading up to the passage of the bill DEMS NEVER READ. Without taxpayer subsidies ins. Co's lose money. That is why they are getting out. GRUBER said it was all a lie. States that signed up for the medicaid part of the plan will soon start bleeding money but that is a state issue. 1/2 of the states never signed up.

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The marketplace also adds a lot of red tape and paperwork which adds to their costs, so some of these companies will only sell off exchange to people that don't qualify for a tax credit and pay full price. It's the same plans, but with out the government hassle.

You don't know what you're talking about. The people in Obamacare plans are sicker than the general public, and healthy people haven't signed up at the number required to make Obamacare work.

We told you, before you ever passed Obamacare, that this would happen. It was called the death spiral, and now you're circling the drain.


Liberals don't understand how insurance, or any business works.

So every year since obama Care insurers beat earnings estimates and had record stock growth. Ok people you guys can try to sell that shit sandwich.

Your claim simply isn't true. When you base your assumptions on a lie, you end up spouting more lies.

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The reason Ins. Co's made money was the reinsurance. There is no more reinsurance and young people are not signing up. Exchanges are closing all over the nation. Insurance Co's are public companies and stockholders are not going to put up with losses. This is real easy.

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Aetna stock June 2015: $130
Aetna stock today: $120


Is that up, and beating records?

Healthcare shocker: These insurers are making money on Obamacare

This moron actually believes that greedy insurance companies would drop Obamacare, if they were making money from it.

This is the sorry state of liberalism in this country. They have no idea how business works.

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There are companies making it

The smarter ones will.

The fact is companies are doing very well under obama Care. Some are not. Its how you adapt to the business not the law.

It's a level playing field. You adapt or die.

What companies are making it? Oh wait, you're making shit up again, because you don't know what you're talking about.

I just blew up your stupid shit with Aetna's stock numbers. Go fuck yourself, you ignorant clown.

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