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John McLaughlin passed away today, he was 89...

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As an independent progressive, i really liked the Conservative John McLaughlin. He was honest, brash, confrontative, but sincere. I watched The McLaughlin Group eagerly the entire 34 years on the air. Back when the late great Jack Germond was on the panel. I love the show. He was great. I thought watching over the last several weeks that he was obviously ailing, and the end was drawing near for him. God bless John McLaughlin, may he rest in peace.


I don't have to always agree with someone to like them and respect them.

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I grew up watching it too. He had the perfect balance of panels. Usually two conservatives and two liberals or moderates. It was the best on tv, a quick half hour every week, but they covered everything important and timely. And being on PBS, no freaking commercials! He will be missed... I like the opening theme, "A No Holds Barred look at world news and current events!" Hmmm, sounds familiar.

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You wanna answer me man? I expect that from the nin-con-poops here, but not you... Actually not even them, McLaughlin was a respected conservative, so what the hell?


Why the fuck did you post that racist shit, with no explanation,on my thread about a mans death???


Waiting for explanation...

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what does 'a friend hid it' mean? was it posted by you or your friend? either way that was disgusting white trash hatred on a thread about a decent conservatives passing...


how did that get posted on my thread?


that link is repulsive, glorifying every terrible stereotype of African-Americans in the worst possible ways... including beating, maiming, comparisons to monkeys... did YOU post it or not? do you like links like that???


how the hell did that vile crap end up on my thread about JOHN MCLAUGHLINS DEATH???


have the frickin decency to explain or send me personal message please.

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