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The Electoral College and why it sucks donkey honks.

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Time to eliminate:


Electoral College


Presidential Debate Commission Inc




Super delegates


Special Interest Financing of elections


political commercials which are not true


Collusion such that might exist between political families such as Trump and Clinton


all electronic voting machines because they can be hacked


house and senate members investigating themselves = all alleged criminal activities must be investigated by the FBI and local

attorney generals.


insider trading by elected officials everywhere



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I'm a lumberjack and I'm OK, ...


That electoral power chart is quite telling.


How about we elect our House reps and they elect the pRez?


Then the party in power will be the party w/ the majority.


How about we elect the Governors and they appoint their Senators?


Then the interests of the states would take precedence over the interest of the State.


I know, brilliant.



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