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Nutrition in the Military

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I would have my soldiers in combat eat the following per day.



Meats :


1 Whole london Broil Steak

1 Whole Lamb Tenderloin roll


Pasta and Related :


1 Plate of Spaghetti

1 Pizza equivalent to a Medium Delivery order


Grains :


1 Bowl of Oat Meal

1 Bowl of Granola

1 Bowl of Whole Grains

1 Bowl of Whole Wheat


Greens :


1 Bowl of Collard Greens

1 Bowl of Turnip Greens

1 Bowl of Spinach

1 Bowl of Kale

1 Bowl of Spring Mix


Vegetables :


10 Large pieces of fresh Broccoli

10 Large Tomatoes

5 Whole Zucchinis

5 Carrots


Fruits :


5 Bananas

5 Oranges

1 Pineapple


Dairy :


3 Large Eggs

4 Glasses of Milk

10 Cheese Sticks

1 Large Greek Yogurt



Beverages :


1 High Protein fortified Fruit and Vegetable Smoothie

1 Glass of Orange Juice with Protein Powder

1 Glass of Plain Orange Juice

1 Glass of Gatorade

2 Glasses of Pedialyte


1 Daily Multivitamin Supplement


That is before they go into Combat... To cover all areas of Nutrition.


And their Hydration packs as part of their Uniform package, would contain a Mixture of Gatorade and Pedialyte.

And 1 pack would have just Bottled Spring water dumped into their pack..




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