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Listen Liberal: Or Whatever Happened to the Party of the People?

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Frank has a unique talent for understanding and explaining motivations for political movements, and their consequences. In What's the Matter With Kansas, Frank explains in detail how a rich, Conservative Elite group won over the hearts and minds of the Conservative working-class people, using Kansas as a microcosm for the Nation.


In Listen Liberal: Or Whatever Happened to the Party of the People?, Frank explains how the Democratic party of FDR became the New Democrats, the party of the well-graduated professionals, and their superiors on Wall St and Big Industry. Frank shows how Democratic elites have fallen in line with an ideology that extols meritocracy and devalues ordinary labor. Those high in the Meritocracy are the well-educated and especially those who graduated from prestige universities like Harvard, Oxford and Yale. These elite professionals are valued as the only real creators and innovators. The book shows how they have been pandered to at the expense of the "unworthy". And how pursuit of the ordinary working person's interests have been largely abandoned because ignorant, uneducated working stiffs don't deserve to be considered in planning for prosperity


Frank is no sycophantic, sanctimonious beltway insider who regularly checks the political winds to see what will go over well. He is not afraid to attack the powerful and well-placed in his own party when he deems they deserve it. Instead, he goes after them with well thought out, highly documented analysis showing just how elitist they have become and how close the two parties have converged on economic issues.


For instance, in a series of highly detailed chapters, Frank exposes just how far Bill Clinton moved the Democratic Party to the right:-- The deregulation of Wall St and the financial sector by the repeal of the Glass-Steagall act ... Pulling the safety net from under millions by ending welfare ... Escalating the "war on drugs" and building multiple new prisons for the encarceration of what would become the biggest gulag, on Earth,by far; very disproportionately Black ... NAFTA, which was sold to the public as a treaty which would produce more and better jobs - Instead, it did the opposite ... And Frank exposes Clinton's secret 1997 negotiations with Newt Gingrich to privatize Social Security. It would have happened except for an explosive media frenzy about a lie and a stain on a blue dress.


Later on, Frank critiques the Obama years and finds them, more than not, a continuation of Bill Clinton's policies, extolling the professional "innovators" and abandoning the ordinary people. Then Frank examines Hillary's career and principles, revealing strong tendencies for more of the same.


Frank doesn't neglect to mention some of the constructive things Clinton and Obama have accomplished for ordinary people. But he shows how these were outweighed many times over, by legislation enabling neglect and abandonment of ordinary people and labor unions, the only effective advocate organizations able to bring back a now rapidly disappearing middle class.

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