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WHAT do we need to show ID for, in AMERICA today?

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Below is only a partial list:


- Buy alchohol

- Buy cigarettes

- Opening a bank account

- Appying for Food Stamps

- Applying for Welfare

- Applying for Welfare or Social Security

- Applying for Unemployment or a Job

- Renting an appartment

- Buying a house

- Applying for a drivers Licence

- Buying or renting a car

- Getting on an Airplane

- Getting married

- Purchasing a gun

- Adopt a pet

- Rent a Hotel room

- Buying a cell phone

- Pick up a precription

- Make a blood donation



BUT, we DO NOT need to show ID to VOTE? Liberals are the BIGGEST IDIOTS, and liars in the WORLD... EVERYONE knows it's ONLY because they was to CHEAT during elections, and MORON Liberals don't see the problems with it...


ADMIT you want to stuff ballot Boxes, let dead people vote, and let other people vote HUNDREDS of times... BUT DON'T try to tell us that the VERY ACT of showing an ID is "disenfranchisement" of voters... because THAT is IDIOCY !!

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I have to show Id to use my credit cards because in the signature field on back I write "see Id"


And the Liberals want us to believe that it is some sort of VIOLATION of PERSONAL RIGHTS to show an ID... the FACT is, it is REQUIRED for MORE and MORE activities EVERY DAY... and to NOT require ID to VOTE... is ABSOLUTELY ASININE !!

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