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How To Post Images To The Text Box

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Use of LIBERALFORUM message text boxes when posting images.




1.Go grab your URL (image location) from the pic on the www,


2. click in your own message text box where you want the pic to be,


3.Click the lil green image box, The 11th button from left, bottom row of selections of the message box, it's a green box.


4.Pop-up appears and paste it into that box.



The LF system is limited into which types of pics it will accept. I think png, jpg and jpeg IF these instructions do not work, you will have to contact Chuck, Isabel, or Teacher to fix your account settings for you.


NOTE: If you have a image url (inform png, jpg or jpeg) you copied, you can stick the url on NoteBook, then add the code at both ends of url inside a set of these brackets [ ] . FRONT CODE img , BACK CODE /img . Then cut/paste that entire coded url into the message box and the pic will appear when you post.


NOTE: If the pic is not in a png, jpg or jepg ending, you can take the pic's url to a site like this and change it into a usable form.




================================================YOU TUBE VIDEOS - OTHER SPECIAL LINKS

Links to videos from YouTube, just get the url of the page, and paste it in the message box.


Links to PDF files, just get the url of the PDF file, and paste it in the message box.



Teacher might want to make some illustrated drawings to accompany this, and I welcome others to change whatever I have here for better clarification as well, etc.




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