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Denmark, a social welfare utopia, takes a nasty turn

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I heard something about the Panama Papers and the Vikings ripping everyone off as usual even though some of them were went to jail and got busted..


you should see the jail.. just a building in the middle of nowhere

Something about the 1% hiding all their money overseas


To Avoid paying the taxes they should pay!!


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Denmark, a social welfare utopia, takes a nasty turn on refugees


COPENHAGEN — Lise Ramslog was out for a barefoot amble on the warm day last September that Europe’s refugee crisis came to her remote village in southern Denmark.


The 70-year-old grandmother had planned a simple stroll. What she found in her quiet, coastal community were hundreds of exhausted asylum seekers who had arrived on the ferry from Germany only to be stranded without access to public transportation. Some had begun to walk along the highway in desperation.


Ramslog decided on the spot that she would help: She ended up giving two young couples, a small child and a newborn baby a 120-mile ride in her cramped sedan to their destination in Sweden. “When we crossed the border, they rejoiced and cried,” she recalled.

In another context, Ramslog might be known as a good Samaritan.

But the Danish government has a different term for her: convicted human smuggler.

The decision by authorities to prosecute Ramslog — and to charge hundreds of other Danish citizens with a similar crime — is to many here just the latest evidence of a society that, when faced with an unparalleled influx of migrants and refugees, has taken a nasty turn....

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The Republican fundies and the Muslims are in agreement with regard to being opposed to a humanistic approach to education and culture. They disagree on the name of their Deity (God or Allah) and tactics (terrorism vs manipulating stupid people and finagling elections).


The Danes are by tradition a rather gloomy people (like their famous philosopher Soren Kirkegaard) and are, like all Scandinnavians, self-critical.

But Denmark is a very Democratic country and the government reflects the will of the Danish people.


People get the worst government they will tolerate.

The Scandinavians are very intolerant of corruption, public malfeasance, inequality and snobbishness.


If the Danes see a problem, they have the ability and the system to rectify it.

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