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Told you stupid Cons all along, Trump is a Big Fat NYC Liberal. Oh don't forget my second prediction of Trumps cozy inside deals with NYCs mob families, just wait they're saving that for later, ROTFLMAO!!!

most republicans they vote for are too.



Republicans just lie to their base all day long about everything so they can keep their jobs



Ivana did nude modeling


and the evangelicals will still vote for me.



Ive had how many wives?



hell Ive lost count


but the right is willing to vote for a guy who got caught wearing diapers to his NOW DEAD prostitute.



the left would never vote for me



the right will.



so I chose the easy target

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you lying is meaningless



Just how many times do you think you can lie about a person and be proven to be a lying asshole and then have your new lie believed?



you stupid shits have been proven liars over and over again.


no one longer believes your lies asshole

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"...You know, Ivana,

he sold Nuclear Weapons technology to the ChiComs,

for illegal campaign contributions....!"


.... wow... we get a childish simplistic thread so a douchbag can spout his psycho nonsense. Yeah.. WE GET IT...... you are a hateful FREAK... STFU

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