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Politically partisan electronic messaging; (i.e. political advertismen

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Politically partisan electronic messaging; (i.e. political advertisments):


Advertisements are meant to motivate people; political advertisements are meant to motivate potential voters.

If a message is or is not a partisan political comment can and often is a subjective determination. Government is political; it’s unreasonable to expect a government objectively detect and report upon messages’ politically partisan character. Governments performing such tasks are acting contrary to the concepts of liberty and free speech.

There are also questions regarding commercial advertisements that may or may not be entwined with politics? Is an advertisement commenting upon the enterprise’s and/or a government’s policies and behavior meant to generally promote the enterprise and/or is it an educational service and/or is it meant to advance or hinder adoption and/or diligent enforcement of government policies entwined with the advertising sponsor’s commercial and/or political interests?

All of these questions should be beyond the jurisdiction of governments professing the policies of liberty and free speech policies.

On the other hand:
Wealthy individuals, great organizations and enterprises contribute vast amounts of money as they compete for access to the ears of our elected public officials, that require those funds to compete for votes, which enables them to purchase electronic advertisements, to motivate voters, that’s required to enable their election or re-election, in order to receive vast amounts of money for their next election campaign.




Let’s digress and discuss the method by which our nation eliminated IBM’s vast competitive advantage over the computer software and services industry.


IBM was selling their computer hardware with the prices of their software and other services baked into the purchase prices. IBM was in fact the vast majority of the computer hardware industry and only those who use computer hardware have any need for computer software or services.

The Federal laws promoting ACTUAL open competition in market places was employed to obtain a more liberal sales practice policy from IBM. IBM agreed to “unbundle” their equipment sales and rental prices to be “unbundled” from the prices of all other IBM software and other computer services.


Computer industry competition, innovation and variety of available products almost immediately began to appear. This was later followed by price reductions that were to an extent induced by the increased competition.


Similarly a method has been conceived that would enable us to completely respect free speech and reduce what is now in effect our government's subsidy of partisan political electronic messaging; (i.e. political advertisments).


(A) If the federal government chose to have revenue from electronic advertising time sales “unbundled” from all other sales items such as (but not limited to items regarding the messages’ contents), we could disallow any reduction of taxable income for the purchase of electronic advertisement time (for ALL purposes) and for spending that increases the net incomes of any entities that spend to enable electronic messaging.


( B) Separate tax deductable contributions could continue to be made to non-profit organizations that would provide content to their subsidiary organization that enables or purchases electronic message time. Contributions to such subsidiary organizations would not be tax-deductable.


By far the most expensive item of any national or state wide political campaign is the purchase of electronic advertising time because although it's of great amounts of expense, it's of much lesser cost per numbers of voters accessed.

The advantageous leverage of wealth is among the greatest threats to the concepts free speech and entitlement of citizens’ equal opportunities individually and/or in groups to petition their government officials and their petitions be granted equal considerations.


Respectfully, Supposn

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    How do I get rid of this chatroom box?

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