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Those who have read my essay "What is God," at:

might be interesed in God-related conceptual difficulties of some preachers, quoted at:

Ludwik Kowalski (see Wikipedia).

Please share these links with those who might be interested.

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I'm new to this forum, so I apologize if I am not following proper protocol.


I've read some of this long monologue, which is pretty good for a scientist untrained in the humanities. Liberal humanists I think are more interested in why humans cling to irrational belief systems. Why does emotion trump reason when the chips are down? Certainly reason alone is not the sole source of truth, as Enlightenment philosophes seemed to think, but neither is the dogma of an evangelical preacher or the fatwa of a radical mufti. As you note there are many definitions of God, but all share a common characteristic: blind faith in the supernatural. Once you accept the concept of a higher power beyond human understanding, then you have opened the door to every conceivable irrational notion from satan to superman. Sadly much of the world grows up never having a chance to think for themselves, never having opportunity to experiment or cultivate their intellectual potential. Critical thinking is a scarce commodity in the 21st century.


Can rationalism and religion be reconciled? The Enlightenment philosophes thought they had the anser in Deism, whereby God was not an imminent superpower directing the daily lives of all creation but a remote creator, a divine watchmaker who set the world in motion but does not intervene when things go wrong. That is a religious version of the Big Bang, a theory that many scientists today apparently accept as a basis for rational analysis. That's a far cry from supernaturalism, however.


As we used to say in Phi Kappa Phi, the "love of learning rules the world"--wishful thinking, I admit.


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