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how dick cheney helped terrorists

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how dick cheney helped terrorists:


1. bush, cheney, and their staffs ignored the FBI and the

Clinton white house warnings that the FBI had just confirmed

al qaeda was responsible for the bombing of the USS Cole in



2. bush, cheney, and their staffs FAILED to retaliate and take

out bin laden. They even allowed the bin laden family into the US.


3.. For eight months bush, cheney, and their staffs INTENTIONALLY

IGNORED warnings from the FBI, the Border Patrol and the Aussies

as well as by Richard Clarke, counterterrorism expert IN the bush white

house that a pending attack using airliners as bombs was imminent.


4. All these weak, pussy NON reactions by cheney to very real

and actionable intelligence warnings ENABLED and ASSISTED

terrorists to act on 9-11.


5. bush, cheney, their staffs, and republicans OVER REACTED to

9-11 and LIED over and over and over to take this great country

to war in Iraq, NOT to find al qaeda (none there before bush) but

to put in a puppet govt just like in Vietnam in order to get sweetheart

oil contracts to enrich oil billionaires and to enrich cheney's halliburton

and other military contractors that President Eisenhower tried to warn

Americans about.


6. By invading iraq for no reason, cheney helped terrorists gain more

recruits and he also destabilized the entire middle east allowing al

qaeda and then isis to enter into iraq.


7. cheney authorized TORTURE of muslim prisoners. cheney thereby

aided and abetted terrorists to recruit more terrorists just because

cheney and republicans are chickenshit, racist, asshole, sadists.


8. By cheney's and republicans' wars in iraq and afghanistan, they

quadrupled the national debt from 5 trillion when bill clinton left office

to 20 trillion today. That indebtedness has weakened America and

its military tremendously and has indebted countless generations of

young and unborn Americans.


9. cheney and republicans have demoralized our servicemen and even

broken their spirits and their minds as well as killing them by forcing

them into several combat tours of duty.


You have to be one dumb sonofabitch to vote for any republican or even

to listen to that cocksucker dick head cheney on any of the faux channels.



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And many top cia officers chose to resign rather than LIE with cheney about

iraq's involvement with al qaeda or that iraq had a nuclear program,

or that iraq had wmd, or that iraq was involved with 9-11.


pig cheney is a war criminal just like fat ass goerring, in fact more so

since goerring was an air force officer as well as a nazi LYING to start


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There is no doubt that Cheney was wrong about almost everything and is a first class obsessed convinced wrongly that he is the Biggest Swinging Dick of all time,I would like to see a duel between Cheney and Trump, make it to the death, so that no matter who won, we'd all be better off.


Still, it would be amusing to see them duel with fish. But not so likely to be fatal.


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have you noticed that no republicans, tea baggers, or neo cons can refute

the facts that bush, cheney, republicans are war criminals and fuckups on

national insecurity.


In fact, after the FBI, CIA, and NCIS confirmed the bombing of the Cole

was by ass holes in yemen, ass holes bush and cheney and republicans

STILLLLLLL attacked iraq instead of yemen and pakistan where bin laden

was hiding.


You just can't make this up. cheney and reukes and their voters are the

biggest sand enemies of this country ever stealing trillions of our tax dollars

and killing our soldiers and causing great national insecurity and turning our

economy into a third world banana republic with lowest wages since 1970s

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dick wasn't wronghe knew exactly what he was doingits called lying

Dick Rumsfeld and company played the American people like a finely tuned piano and got them to sing like canaries

To support a finely orchestrated attack on its own people with the knowledge that they will write the final (bulshit filled) report

The public should be feeling like"unwilling recipients of wiling sperm doners"curtesy of Mr Carling comedian extraordinaire .

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