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9/11 & American Priorities

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Today is our (now, Traditional) day of mourning, wailing, gnashing-of-teeth.....'cause NO ONE does it better than Americans....every time something happens to US!!

So.....what day have we reserved.....what day do we show as MUCH reverence....for those people (INCLUDING Americans) who were sacrificed, for PROFIT$??





2003 - 2014

U.S. Service-Members = 4,491

Iraqis = 174,000 (*112,000-123,000 = civilian noncombatants)


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America has 17 Vets a day committing suicide mostly from war crimes guilt and someone want's me to remember 9-11 so the War for Israel can go on? Sorry, that card is gone.


There's a LOT-O'-THAT, goin' around!!!!!!!


September 11, 2015 - "He’s a world-class thug, an Arab-hating racist, an unindicted war criminal, a widely despised fascist heading Israel’s most extremist regime in history - exceeding Sharonian evil.


Obama can’t stand him. Israels President Reuven Rivlin wont talk to him. They havent spoken in two months.


Relations between them were strained, after Netanyahu publicly challenged Obamas Iran policy - especially breaking long-established protocol by addressing a joint congressional session in March despite no administration invitation. At the time, Obama refused to see him while in Washington, an unprecedented rebuff.


Interviewed on Israeli Army Radio, Rivlin said “I think we’ve said everything that can be said - not about the Iranian issue but about our relations with the international community.”


“We’ve said everything that can be said on this issue, and until the question is off the agenda we probably don’t have to meet, because each of us is busy with the same issues.”


In July, Rivlin criticized Netanyahus Washington agenda, saying “Israel has three things it must ensure - its relationship with the United States, its relationship with the United States, and its relationship with the United States.”


He expressed muted outrage over Netanyahu’s March joint congressional address - a thinly veiled stunt two weeks before Israeli elections and brazen effort to sabotage P5+1 talks."





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