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rupert murdoch just bought National Geographic magazine....

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Rupert likes money more than ideology.

He does not seem to have interfered with the Simpsons much. The Simpsons runs on Fox, which Murdoch controls.


Murdoch actually looks sort of like Mr Burns.

The three eyed mutant fish was said to have been banned, but it pops up about every three episodes,


I like the magazine, and I am disappointed that they sold it.

I remember a 1941 issue of a Panamanian girl bathing topless in a river. What splendid nipples!

They caught me and another guy looking at it in third period study hall and put all the NatGeo's behind the reference desk.

But they changed the study hall woman for a man, and we got to look at it anyway.

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Well, I will not be renewing my subscription.


FFS, why can't the whole damn Murdoch family just die and stop ruining everything they touch!

make sure to cancel those Lib leaning media outlets Murdoch owns also; he owns more Left leaning media vs. right..but for some reason we are just told on him and Fox...huh.....

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