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Adopting a Black Child

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My wife asked why I won't adopt a Black child.

I told her exactly the truth.
Because we're not black.

We solve one of his problems, and what we'll do in the end is create more.
He needs Black parents, and go make his Black friends and go do the best he can as a Black guy.
We also don't know how to take care of him properly, and we're not the most welcome people in the world in businesses in neighborhoods that do.
We don't fit in with his people.. and his people don't fit in with us.

This isn't Britain or France where most if not all the races get along... and we're not the magical creator of change.. We're a creator problems for the kid and for us too.

The fact of the matter is he's Black, and he needs to learn how to interact with other Blacks because He's going to interact with other Blacks much more so, because he's Black.

He needs to be a good Basketball player, maybe not a professional.. but he needs to know the game and be able to compete in it, he needs to keep up and maintain black fashion trends within his own people, he needs to be culturally in tune amongst his people and participate in the things that his people do... he needs to believe the things that his people believes....

He needs to pull his weight within his people.

We can't do that for him, and We can't even begin to take him there.

Him and his people need to develop organically.

Then she says...

"But you people brought him here"...

I said..

First of all that's not true.... Britain and the Netherlands, back then it was Holland.. are the ones who did.

And secondly... back in the days of slavery... his ancestors were slaves.. they were not taken care of by us... also, the black community was much more in advance of what they are today, back in times past... percentage wise they had more lawyers and businessmen in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s.... today his mom had to get rid of him because she couldn't afford him.

So when do you think that they were better off ?

So that argument that we brought them here, doesn't add up either.

The fact is we Cannot take care of him... we'll create a Black, Franco-Brit American between us.. you want to do that ? He'll never get along like that... and you'll have us harassed.

So forget it.

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Please call your mental health professional.


When you are off your medication; you start saying really crazy stuff.

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